Configuration Management

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Configuration management plan mainly in purpose of provide overview of the organization, activities, overall tasks, and objectives of Configuration Management for the Red Modani Shoes Inventory System. CM enhances productivity and boosts application quality because it automatically versions files, labels and organizes them as they change during the development process. It’s commonly used in software development groups in which several developers are concurrently working on a common set of files. For example, if two developers change the same file, that file might be overwritten and critical code changes lost. Software configuration management systems are designed to avoid this inherent problem with sharing files in a multiuser environment. Besides, CM is also to identify the organization providing the configuration control, define what a configuration-controlled item is, describe the change control process, and identify the plan for configuration status accounting and verification. CM activities include:

1. Change management
 An approach to shifting or transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state. It is an organizational process aimed at helping change stakeholders to accept and embrace changes in their business environment. In some project management contexts, change management refers to a project management process wherein changes to a project are formally introduced and approved.

2. Version management
Version management is to keep track of the multiple versions of system components and ensuring that changes made to components by different developers do not interfere with each other.

3. System buildings
This is the process of assembling program components, data and libraries, then compiling these to create an executable system.

4. Release management
 A relatively new but rapidly growing discipline within software engineering of managing software releases. As software systems, software development processes, and resources become more distributed, they invariably become more specialized and complex. Furthermore, software products (especially web applications) are typically in an ongoing cycle of development, testing, and release. Add to this an evolution and growing complexity of the platforms on which these systems run, and it becomes clear there are a lot of moving pieces that must fit together seamlessly to guarantee the success and long-term value of a product or project. The need therefore exists for dedicated resources to oversee the integration and flow of development, testing, deployment, and support of these systems. 5.1 Purpose

The Configuration Management Plan provides details of how the Red Modani Shoes Inventory System team will manage the control of configuration items being developed under each phase.  It defines the policies and procedures for configuration management (CM) and the infrastructure necessary to implement them throughout the project. 4.3 Objectives

The objective of the strategy is to:
* describe how and where the project’s products will be stored * identify what storage and retrieval security will be put in place * identify how the products and the various versions and variants of these will be identified * describe how changes to products will be controlled

* 4.3 Scope
This CMP is involved in the part of the Red Modani Shoes Inventory System. It provides guidance and instruction to all of the team members on CM activities to support Red Modani Shoes Inventory System, including all subsystem teams and subcontractors. CM is applied to items selected by the Project Manager and includes hardware and software components along with the related design documents, specifications, drawings, procedures and other support documents. The scope of this CMP encompasses the lifecycle of the Red Modani Shoes Inventory System.

* 4.2Roles and...
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