Chapter 20 lab

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Lab 20 Exercises
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1. By default, email addressed to system goes to root. How would you also save a copy in /var/logs/systemmail?

2. How would Max store a copy of his email in ~/mbox and send a copy to

3. If your firewall allowed only the machine with the IP address to send email outside the network, how would you instruct your local copy of sendmail to use this server as a relay?

4. What does dnl stand for in the m4 macro language; what are dnl commands used for?

5. SpamAssassin is installed on your mail server, with the threshold set to an unusually low value of 3, resulting in a lot of false positives. What rule could you give to your mail client to allow it to identify spam with a score of 5 or above?

6. Describe the software and protocols used when Max sends an email to Sam on a remote Linux system.

7. Your company's current mail server runs on a commercial UNIX server, and you are planning on migrating it to Linux. After copying the configuration files across to the Linux box, you find that it does not work. What might you have forgotten to change?

8. Assume you have a script that sends its output to standard output. How would you modify the script to send the output in an email to a user specified by the first argument on the command line? (You may assume that the data is stored in $RESULT.)

9. Give a simple way of reading your email that does not involve the use of an MUA.

10. If you accidentally delete the /etc/aliases file, how could you easily recreate it (assuming that you had not restarted sendmail)?
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