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Why Consumer Prefer the International Brands Over Local Items? A Case of Vehari Pakistan

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This study was conducted to determine the consumer preferences of international brands over local items. This research is design to find out the buying behavior of young consumers. This paper examines consumer preferences and attributes of decision making in segment of respondent in Vehari, Pakistan. A number of factors affect the consumer purchase decisions. The results suggests, that group of consumer prefer the attributes like, Quality, Price, Social Status, Design of products. It also suggests the preferences for foreign products over local products. The research was conducted in Vehari and the sample selected 65. The data collected for research was through a questionnaire and was conducted in CIIT Vehari Campus since the target audience was largely the youth.

Key Words:

Preferences of international brands, Quality of products, Price of products, Social status, Design of the products.


This research is proposed to the consumer preference of international brands over local production. The biggest factor that changes the consumer purchasing decision is quality when they prefer international brands over local brands. Consumers are more information about other culture, lifestyle and brand. On the other hand electronic sources are available to access international brand information in seconds. In last few years increasing of globalization had made intensely impact on market and also on consumer choice. Through globalization companies have advantage to participate in international market and approach to new consumer markets.

The main purpose of this study is to find the factors that are influencing consumer’s living in Vehari and their choices of purchasing international brands over local brands. The main objective of this study is to learn about how country of origin effect and change the choices and willingness of the consumer. This research will investigate the purchasing behavior of Vehari consumers towards international brands over local products.

Country of origin of any product tells the reputation of the specific country. It also shows the national characteristics, economics, political background, social system, tradition and history of any particular region. In short country of origin is overall perception of the consumer about particular country. It is necessary to establish parameters to measure the consumer attitude toward consumer preference on international brands rather local brands.

However, for some products and services "the tastes and preferences of consumers in different nations are beginning to converge on some global norms" (Holt, 2002). Consumers seem to value and admire global brands and regard such brands as a status symbol, from a consumer perspective brands may vary (Ismail, Masood, & Tawab, 2012). The preference of brand depends on best alternatives among availability (Tversky & Shafir, 1992).

One goal of consumer is accurate selection results in value satisfaction (Bettman, Luce, & Payne, 1998) it is not just depends on judgment of any single attribute of a product (Elliot & Cameron, 1994).

In other context, scholars argue that local cultures are yet very powerful force shaping consumers preferences and but some identify a tendency in consumers “hybridize” (Holton, 2000), “glocalize” (Ritzer, 2003) or “creolized” as a way to combine global and local cultural forces have impact....
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