Global Brands vs Local

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  • Published : March 29, 2012
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“Global Brands vs. Local Brands”

A big issue facing the international marketing world today is whether global branding is better then local branding. Consumers all over the world have many different opinions on whether they like purchasing products from big corporate, multicultural companies or the local mom and pop shops that they have grown to know, and became comfortable with. The pros and cons of both global and local branding vary from good and bad. In my opinion local branding are still superior to global branding in the society today. There are many commodities that make global brands great and successful. In the United States today us as Americans buy mostly global brands. Not many products sold in stores today say “Made in the USA”. The trend has definitely reached other countries around the globe. Two direct quotes from an article published by Harvard Business School called, “How Consumers Value Global Brands”, said “A focus-group participant in Russia told us: "The more people who buy [a] brand…the better quality it is." A Spanish consumer agreed: "I like [global] brands because they usually offer more quality and better guarantees than other products." I agree with both these statements because global companies usually have more consistent and higher quality products then just your average local store. For example the difference between a multinational coffee company such as Dunkin Donuts, which I visit three times daily on average, and your local bagel store. Dunkin Donuts has high quality products because people buy their coffee all the time, so 1. they are used to dealing with high volume consumers and 2. they know how to keep there product consistent and at a quality that will bring people back. The local store might not have that consistence with their coffee and food and might lose consumers. The reason for it is poor training, poor products or lack of money to bring in higher quality products. Another great thing about global brands is that...
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