Career Development

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Careers That Work
Day 1
Facilitator - Carmel Kostos
Learning Consultant and Leadership Coach

Twitter: CarmelKostos

What’s this course all about?


Careers That Work - Course Aim
 Provide essential background knowledge to inform their

career development.  Recognise their current values, interests and abilities, and identify strategies to develop the competencies that they need to fulfil their life and work goals.  Develop skills in job search strategies including resume writing, interview techniques and networking.

Beginning with the End in Mind !
• Course Guide • Overview

• Objectives • The Assessment

Careers That Work - Schedule:
DAY 1: Monday (9.30 am - 4.30 pm) DAY 2: Wednesday (9.30 am - 4.30 pm) DAY 3: Friday (9.30 am - 4.30 pm)

• Introductions • Changing Nature of Work • Theories of Career Development/Manage ment • Personality / type and relationship to career development • Presentation Group work

• Values, Skills and Abilities • Goal Setting • Career Development Planning • Decision Making • Job Search Strategies • Resumes and Letters of Application • Presentation Group Work

• Presentation Group Work • Interviews • Interview Practice • Presentations


What you need to know!
Contribution to class activities, consisting of individual class participation (15%) and participation in a group presentation (25%) Due Date: in class – in class

• • • •

Presentations will be conducted on Day 3. Groups /topics discussed end of Day 1. Participation will be assessed throughout the 3 days. Most preparation for presentations will need to be conducted outside class time.

Tip: • Remember the 5 P’s of Successful Presenting PRIOR PREPARATION PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE 6




What you need to know!
2. INDUSTRY RESEARCH REPORT (40%) Word limit: 2000 words (inclusive of Parts A and B) Due Date: Friday 18 January 2013 Part A – Information Interview Write Up Part B – Evaluate your skills, abilities, values, personality in relation to field Tips: • Part A must be a write up of the interview - don’t just submit a list the questions you asked and the person’s responses. • Incorporate the interview findings into your Part B write up.



What you need to know!
3. JOB APPLICATION FOLDER (20%) Word limit: 1000 words Due date: Friday 18 January 2013

The job folder will consist of a resume and application letter for a position that has been advertised after the topic of resume/application writing has been covered in class

Tip: • Use the career resources available via RMIT’s career services to help you with your resume and application letter. 8



What you need to know!
4. Other Questions:
• Cover sheets

• Extensions
• Address • Return

5. Submissions to: Michael Hastings School of Education, RMIT University, PO Box 71, Bundoora. 3083

All queries to Michael Hastings or Judy Heard:



The Changing Nature of Work A few thinkers on the future:
 1943, in a speech at Harvard University, Winston Churchill

observed that: “the empires of the future will be empires of the mind.”  In 1956 William Whyte wrote “Death of Organization Man” (meaning – shift from ... how people not only worked for organisations but how they belonged to them as well).  In the 1960s, Peter Drucker argued that the world is moving from an “economy of goods” to an “economy of knowledge”—and from a society dominated by an industrial proletariat (meaning – industrial workers) to one dominated by brain workers.

The Changing Nature of Work

Think About - What resonated with you from the video that you might relate to your choice of career?


Basic definitions of ‘work’
 Work is…
 A job?  Field of employment?  Output?...
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