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Your Right to Confidentiality
The school must inform you of your rights concerning your child’s records; grant you access to your child’s records, and have procedures available to your rights to challenge or amend the results you feel may be inaccurate. Schools should also protect you from disclosure of your child’s information to third parties without your consent.

Your Consent to get Your Child Services
You must give the school your consent before they begin any services to your child.

Free Evaluation for Your Child

It is your right to obtain an independent educational evaluation (IEE) for your child, paid by the public education system. You may request an IEE, and the school must give you the appropriate information on how to obtain an IEE and what the criteria for that school’s IEE is.

Your Rights
As a parent with a child who has a learning disability, The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) guarantees your child will get appropriate services. IDEA also includes specific rights for you.

Your Right to Prior Notice
The school must give you physical notice before they:
1. Propose to begin or change your child’s educational placement, 2. change your child’s arrangement of a free appropriate public education (FAPE); or 3. they refuse to begin or adjust any of your child’s education services or the arrangement of FAPE.

You may have many emotions running through you right now, but you are not alone. According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities (2012), “there are currently 2.4 million students diagnosed with learning disabilities.” This pamphlet is here to help guide you in the right direction. This pamphlet contains your rights, resources and some frequently asked questions with answers. Again, remember you are not alone. Reaching out to other parents that have children with disabilities is another good way to help you in this process. Your Child’s Rights to:

* Free and appropriate...
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