Explain the Importance of Reassuring Children, Young People and Adults of the Confidentiality of Shared Information and the Limits of This.

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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In schools parents and carers are asked for a variety of information so that the school personnel are able to care for the children as effectively and safely as they can whilst the children are in school.

For example:
Health or medical information;
Records from previous schools; and
Records for children who have special educational, dietary needs, or religious rituals.

This is confidential information and must be used only for the purpose for which it was gathered.

It is the right of every parent/carer or child that information about them is respected, kept in confidence, safely and securely, and the in accordance with ‘The Data Protection Act 1998’.

It is important to reassure children, young people and adults that any information about them is kept confidential and only used where and when necessary. The information should only be held or used for the duration required in order to maintain their trust and security.

It is their right to privacy to have this information:
Kept confidential and not passed on for others to talk about or gossip with other staffs/parents or children. •Never to discuss one parent with another.
Not to make judgements about children or their parents.

Some information needs to be shared with all staff’s in the school, in particular diet, allergy, religious rituals, if the child is being collected by someone other than their main carer, general records on pupils individual teachers’ records of assessment, SEN information on pupils. Where the information needs to be passed on to others for any reason, parental consent will need to be given. This usually involves parents signing a consent form.

The school has a legal obligation to disclose information if there is any indication of the child or young adult being at risk.

It is important from the very beginning of any discussion with the child or young adult, or their family (parent/carer), that there is an open and honest understanding that they...
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