Brand Audit on Coca Cola

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1.0 Introduction
We are students of MKT-470 “Strategic Brand Management”. Our faculty Mr. Saquib Shahriar, Lecturer, School of Business, Independent University, Bangladesh has assigned to us this report writing as a part of our course study. We are sincerely thankful to him for assigning or group such type of a project work. In this report we have discussed about overall market scenario of Coca-Cola, its brand strategies, brand elements, positioning, problems and current market strategy, marketing mix elements (pricing, communication, distribution channels), as well as detailed analysis of consumers’ perceptions of the brand which has been analyzed based on a survey questionnaire. At the end of the report some recommendation is given to manage this brand in the longer term.

2.0 Company overview

2.1 History
The first company that conducted its operation in the soft drink industry was Coca-Cola. They brought a new revolution in the history of the world. Coca-Cola was established in May 1886 when a pharmacist Dr. John Styth PEMBERTON first produced syrup in a three-legged brass pot in Atlanta, Georgia backyard. Coca-Cola first bottled in 1894. Large scale bottling was only possible in 1899. They marketed and distributed the product in specific territories.

2.2 Coca-Cola Company in Bangladesh
Even before our independence of Bangladesh the Coca-Cola Company has started its operation in Bangladesh. Coca-Cola started its operation under a franchise agreement. In Bangladesh there are two franchisees conducting operation on behalf of Coca-Cola Company. One is Tabani Beverages Company Ltd and the other Abul Monem Ltd. Tabani Beverage was established in 1963 at 257, Tejgaon, Dhaka. It had a rated capacity of 50 BPM on and acre land area. After independence, in 1972, the plant was handed over to Bangladesh. Freedom fighter welfare trust under the ministry of industry with the increase of gradual market demand in 1985 transferred and newly installed the plant with an increased capacity of 250 BPM at Mirpur on seven acre land area. In 1993 a new plant with 500 BPM capacities was established just beside the previous plant. Now the total production line capacity of the company is app. 830 BPM. Tabani beverage produces 175 ml, 250 ml, 50 ml and 1000 ml glass bottle. They supply Coca-Cola drinks to Dhaka and Rajshahi divisions. Other than Tabani beverage the other franchisee of Coca-Cola Company is Abul Monem company ltd. In 1982 Abul Monem started their operation after they acquired the plant of K. Rahman & Company. In 1987 the company made an aggressive move to expand their market. They installed new H & K bottling line along with and installed capacity of 450 BPM at Comilla. Furthermore they company established another plant Chittagong. The state of the art bottling plant with an installed capacity 600 BPM is the most modern plant in the country and is equipped with the straight-line-technology from KHS German. Abul Monem produces the PET Bottles, CANS and GLASS Bottles of a newly introduced product. 2.3 Current market situation

Coca-Cola is one of the most recognizable brands around the globe. Having established a leading brand that fascinates consumers all over the world, Coca-Cola is widely regarded as one of the most booming organizations having achieved huge branding success. A key element of Coca-Cola’s success can be certainly attributed to its branding strategies. Since 1866 that it started its operations until today that is a powerful, globally known corporation, the company’s brand development strategies constantly raise consumer interest and remain highly competitive. Having achieved impressive brand loyalty through continuous reinvention of its brand and focus on brand enhancement, Coca-Cola is, without any doubt, the leading non-alcoholic beverage company in the world.

Fast facts:
* Introduced: 1886
* Manufacturer: The Coca-cola company
* Operational Reach: 200+ countries
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