Coca-Cola Performance Appraisal

Topics: Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, The Coca-Cola Company Pages: 8 (2496 words) Published: April 2, 2012
1.0 Introduction
In this assignment, is to study Coca-Cola to evaluate the Coca-Cola with the Performance Management and Appraisal.
First, this assignment write about the definition of the Performance Management and Appraisal, after that will explain methods of evaluation will not only cover traditional mended but also modern method, it will ensure this assignment will get a picture what the current environmental of the Coca-Cola Second, will introduction background of the organization which is Coca-Cola. Then will be describe how the organization related with the performance management and appraisal to their employee in its operations. After than that, will write a recommendation based on the limitation of the current operation, giving the better solution to help Coca-Cola for better operation. Conclusions based on all the collecting information. And what I have learned on this project.

2.0 Definition of Performance Appraisal

The organization to achieve the goal of individual employees to achieve their goals, the degree of success is very important in determining the effectiveness of the organization. Therefore, how to meet their personal goals to assess the success of employees to be an important part of a human resource management. People are different, their abilities and aptitudes. These differences are natural, and cannot be given the same basic education and training to a large extent, they may even be eliminated. There will be some differences, even in the same work quality and quantity of work done by different employees. Therefore, it is necessary to understand these differences so that employees have a better ability may be rewarded through the transfer of corrective employee’s error deposits management. Individual employees may also want to know the level of his performance, so he might improve his fellow employees. Therefore, it is a great need for suitable performance appraisal system to measure the relative value of each employee. The basic purpose of the performance appraisal is to facilitate the employee's value; he is an integral part of the orderly determination of which organization. However, the value of a fair determination of the employee, can take only by a number of factors, some of which is a very subjective evaluation for the moment, time and attendance, while others are very subjective, and instantly, attitude and personality. Human resources or personnel department records on the basis of accurate assessment of the objective factors, but no equipment, accurate measurement of subjective factors. Nevertheless, the evaluation of these factors must be done every employee has the advantage of in order to achieve full appreciation. 2.1 Methods of Evaluation

The advantages of rating methods can be divided into:
Traditional methods and modern methods.
2.1.1 Traditional methods
The traditional method is very old performance appraisal. They are based on characteristics evaluation. Staff personal qualities or attitudes, judgment, versatility, initiative, reliability, leadership, loyalty, punctuality, working knowledge, etc., on the basis of criteria such as quality assessment There are two traditional methods of evaluation. They are:

Unstructured evaluation
The ranking of employees

Unstructured evaluation
At this point, the appraiser was named unstructured wrote about his impression. However, in some organizations, the views of the requirements will be based on the specific title, such as the quality of job performance for the specific work behaviours, personality characteristics and development needs, the reasons for grouping. This system is very subjective, and its merits, in its simplicity, are still in use, especially in small enterprises.

The ranking of employees
Ranking of employees is placed in a grade based on their performance of a simple process. It allows any single evaluation team for all employees, regardless of the type of work. All workers on the same factors...
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