Coca-Cola India Case Study Analysis

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Coca - India Case study

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April 11, 2013.


Coca-Cola is the leading brand of the world in soft drink category. It was founded by a pharmacist in Georgia known by the name of John Pemberton. He used to sell a potion for physical as well as mental disorders. However, the potion soon turned into world’s largest selling brand after carbonated water in addition to fountain water with other constituents were added to the brand. Furthermore, soon after the addition of carbonated water, Coca-Cola brand was given the honor of 1887 and in just year of two years, the brand began to spread its sales all over the world. However, the brand got under the wave of ten billion cases in the past decades, which made its growth come to sudden plunge and with lesser improvement in the sales. During the era of 2000, the brand had per annual sale growth of 0.2 %, which is a deep loss for the company as back in 1980s, its sales growth, had been 5-7%. Furthermore, as it began its sales in India, the Coca-Cola began to see its rise again since the brand became a favorite of the one billion population of the country, which comprised of every rural or urban part of the community.

Ethical Issues

Many of the most important cases were filed against the Coca-Cola Company in the last few years. They have been the result of an allegation imposed on the company by its four employees in spring 1999. According to the lawsuit, the company has used discriminatory acts on its African- American employees just simply on the basis of their being black. Such diverse types of warning were being issued on the company for its discriminatory practices on the employees. Moreover, many of the employees there have been reported to experience an unethical discriminatory culture in accordance with their race and case.

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