Battle of Gettysburg Fact Sheet

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Battle of Gettysburg Fact Sheet

1) General Robert E. Lee was in overall command with Generals Longstreet, Hill, Ewell, Heth, Pickett, Stuart and others in charge of different units. (Confederates)

2) General Meade was in overall command with Generals Buford, Reynolds, Doubleday, Hancock and others in charge of different units. (Union)

3) There were 95,000 Union troops involved and 75,000 Confederate troops involved.

4) There were about 23,040 Union casualties and 22,000 to 25,000 Confederate casualties.

5) The battle was fought July 1-3, 1863.

6) Jefferson Davis hoped to make the people in the North weary of the war in this battle.

7) The battle was fought in the North as an offensive measure by the Confederacy to bring the war out of Virginia.

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8) General Lee marched his army out of central VA and north Toward Potomac River with the objective of invading Maryland and Pennsylvania.

9) One reason for the invasion was that Lee’s army was in need of supplies and raw materials that could not be obtained in the Confederacy. His men had suffered greatly for want of food during the winter and spring of 1863.

10) Lee also hoped to obtain a victory on northern soil to take attention away froma dismal situation at Vicksburg, MS.

11) Lee also believed if his army came out victorious in the battle Britain and France would recognize the Confederacy as an independent nation, and provide the growing peace movement in the North with enough reasons to press the Lincoln administration to sue for peace.

12) As Lee’s army crossed in PA the Union army cautiously followed Lee shielding the capitol of Washington, DC from the Confederate forces.

13) The Battle of Gettysburg began early on the morning of July 1, 1863, when General Buford's pickets three miles west of Gettysburg spotted the Confederate column sent by General...
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