North vs South

Topics: American Civil War, Slavery, Military Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: December 10, 2012
I believe that the north should have won the war for many reasons; they had a lot of advantages over the south. The north had better equipment and supplies. They had better industrialization to make the supplies needed for the battles. Also there were many railroads to transport the troops and supplies that everybody needed. The north had a greater population than the south so that made them have an overall advantage while fighting.

The North’s equipment was much better than the South’s. They could make guns and more finished goods much faster than the south. They also had more money than the south did so it made obtaining items for battles much easier and they wouldn’t go into debt as much. The north had experienced an industrial revolution which left them with many factories to produce supplies necessary for outfitting an army. Also, with immigrants coming mostly to the north to settle they were looking for jobs in the factories, very little production was lost because of men leaving to fight in the war. Women and immigrants had been the main workers in the factories that would be producing goods to be used by the Union soldiers.

The North had about 22,000 miles of railroad and the South only had about 9,000 miles of railroad. The North had better railroads and highways, including shipping resources used to resupply all of the men in the war. Also the north already had a well trained military while the south did not. The north had much more money than the south did so that made it easier to pay for everything such as guns, food and medical help for the hurt soldiers. The south had very little man power to make supplies because they relied too much on the slaves.

By the north not fighting on their own land they had the advantage of none of their plantations or factories being damaged. I think that the North’s military leaderships were an advantage. The North’s population was almost triple the size of the South’s population

That is why I believe the north...
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