Bar Lecture: Sillabus for Food and Beverage Service

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Food & Beverage


S.Y: 2012-2O13

I. Course Description

This course is part of Hospitality Operational Management that provides students with necessary knowledge skills to analyze interpret and manage the departmental operation for the food and beverage and the rooms division of a hospitality establishment.

And this course also provides students with the attitude necessary to perform the duties, tasks, and steps required of Food and Beverage Service Attendant in the various food and beverage outlets. It also provides students with sufficient knowledge to make decisions about food and Beverage services, styles, procedures and workflow in a hospitality environment.

II. Objectives

A. General Objectives

This course aimed to know deeply the principles and procedures involved in an effective food and beverage service attendant. The course provides the student with an understanding of the basic operational concepts of any food service operation. And also to have an ability and capability to perform some administrative functions for the operation

B. Specific Objectives

a. To know the basic principles of the fundamentals in Food and Beverage Service Operations.

b. To analyze the different kind of food and beverage service mostly the restaurant service and type of catering establishment.

c. To learn the values necessary for customer relations.

d. To discuss the contemporary issues on health in Food safety and personal hygiene

e. To acquire skills on community needs assessment, problem analysis and community organization

f. To explain the duties and responsibilities of each of the F & B service operational staff.

g. To be able to know the basic administrative duties and responsibility.

III. Course Matrix (separate sheets)

IV. Courses...
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