Assignment: Who Am I? Presentation

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  • Published : May 13, 2012
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Remember to give complete definitions for each term and add citations of where definitions were obtained, if not your own. To avoid reduction in points, please use the requested word count 150-250, make sure your content is comprehensive giving requested information, use relevant examples, and state all points clearly with details, examples, analysis and good organization.

In order to have good tone all sentences must be complete, clear, concise, well-constructed, with good flow of thought. Remember to use APA formatting including headings, title page, in-text citations, and reference page. Your assignment should follow all rules of grammar and punctuation with no spelling errors.

Assignment: Who Am I? Presentation

Class members will explore personal background and link it to the role you all play in diversity. Everyone will not be required to identify categories you are uncomfortable sharing, and may select only specific categories you are comfortable with. The guide below is to be followed to determine grading. Thanks

Grading Guide

Content and Development
5.5 Points
Points Earned

Additional Comments:

All key elements of the presentation are covered in a substantive way. · Two to three social categories that the student relates to are identified. · The following areas are addressed:

o Illustrate the racial, ethnic, cultural, gender, or other social categories or groups you identify with and are comfortable sharing. o Select one of the social categories you listed and discuss how this social group has been marginalized or has experienced discrimination throughout history. o Describe the relationship between your ancestry and any racial, ethnic, or cultural groups you identified with—particularly if you identified with more than one. o Describe a time you, an ancestor, or someone who belongs to one of your identity groups endured discrimination.

The content is comprehensive,...
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