Areas of Learning

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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|Area |Extending learning and development | |Quiet/reading area |The quiet area allows children to develop their understanding of the written word; they learn that words convey meaning and that| | |this is mirrored by the pictures that are in the books. | | |They develop interaction with others through the use of books and listening | | |They learn to share and co-operate | | |They learn concentration and self control | | |They learn about the world around them, concepts, ideas and morals | | |They learn to take care of possessions | |Small world |The children learn to role play and to share and take turns with others | | |They learn social interaction and effective communication | | |The learn tolerance and understand of other people’s ideas and beliefs | | |The develop their fine motor skills | | |They learn about the world in which they all live...
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