Unit 4

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Unit 4
Children & Play
D1 & D2
These are 3 different settings where children could play
* Going to the local park age group: 3 – 6 years
* Playing at home age group: 0 – 6 years
* Nursery age group: 3 – 5 years

D3 & D4
At the local park the child would use physical play. They would use this because they would be running, jumping and moving around using physical energy. If the children play football it shows there have balance as they have to stay on their feet to be able to kick the ball. They also will need to use coordination skills to make sure the ball goes in the right direction this type of play would be cooperative play which is child playing together to accomplish a task. Also in the local park they could pretend that the climbing frame is a pirate ship and the child could be a pirate. When playing at home the child could do creative play, which is a child, using different materials to create something. There will use fine motor skills to cut out magazines to make a beautiful collage. There will need to be careful when cutting with scissors but their will need adult supervision so that they don’t cause an injury. This type of play would be solitary play which is a child playing alone with toys and does not interact with any other children.

I have chosen the Vygotsky theory which is related Cooperative play would take place at home. A child could act out in the role play area this will be a learning opportunity as their will be encouraged to play and talk their friends

D6 & C1
Setting| Activity that provides challenge and understanding| Resources needed and explain why it helps risk and challenge | Local park | At the local park children could play on the climbing frame and pretend to be a princess castle. * The child could fall off the climbing frame * The climbing frame might be slippy if it wet * The children might bump into each other | You will need adult supervision at all times...
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