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The presenter of the guest lecture presented well, he explained about the products and their 3 product lines. Also he informed us about the new line called the hobo line, their company and their operations. In this assignment I will tell you about the company itself and their product lines and brand image. further in the assignment I will link their company to some of the theory of brand positioning and brand elements. To finalize I will give my own opinion about the lecture and also about their brand and their position in my view.

AND combines identity and accessories so to express your style you can see yourself in the mirror therefore the brand use AND backwards spelled DNA. The companies started in 2010 with watches but after adapting to the modern technologies, different cultures and fast changing trends the implement international communications . As a result of the globalization they wanted to express their selves as a new different unique brand with a complete own identity. AND created three product lines:

* Heritage (vintage)
* Blueprint (urban)
* Evolution (fashionable)

This line has a vintage flavor with a nice design which is certainly not timeless. Their looks are classic and in my opinion also basic. History is part of the inspiration for this line and is well developed when you look at their features. When the consumer is looking for a watch with style this line will fit the consumer desires best.

This line is about the urban life when people think about urban they relate this to large and exciting cities such as : New York, Barcelona , Amsterdam and Tokyo . the name blueprint refers to a document of architecture or engineering design mostly to elaborate a detailed plan. The watches are cool and designed for people who reflect their self as urbanic and not related to the serious city life. EVOLUTION

Fashionable is the evolution line it is designed with creative colors...
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