Analyzing Internet Sources

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Analyzing Internet Sources

First Follow-up question:
When doing homework, I use these practices:
Number 1 is to have a few windows open for both Chrome and Internet Explorer. There are some sites that are not Google Chrome compatible for viewing while IE is open and IE sites that are not compatible for viewing while Google Chrome is open. Number 2 is to exclusively use only Google as my search engine. With Google, my searches bring me more useful sites and less ineffective sites. Number 3 is to immediately start a Word file of references for an assignment. This word file enables me to keep an ongoing and accurate record of a website, source, title, author, copyright, page number(s) of information and anything else available that I may need for when I create my reference page for assignments. Second Follow-up question:

After an information search, I pick only websites with .edu, .gov or .org for my first round of information captures. I’ve found these sites are usually the most reliable. For my second round of information captures, I look through .coms that are also useful, but I may need to go into the sites and spend some time looking around to see what they offer before considering them a reputable source. This has allowed me to obtain the information worthy of use more quickly, spend less time filtering through “possible” sites and getting my assignments completed earlier. (I discovered this also answered follow-up question 2 of Individual Analyzing Internet Sources)
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