Gen200 Week 3

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  • Published : April 16, 2012
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Write a 350-word explanation of the following:

How you determined the sources to be reliable and relevant, and whether or not there is an author bias How this information might strengthen or weaken your essay

I can determine if a source is reliable by checking the date it was published, and by verifying its origin. The date is an important factor because I can see if the information was publicized recently or in the past. If the information is recent I have a higher chance that the continent will be based on recent findings or test and that the facts will be accurate. However, I do run the chance of false data because now a day’s people summarize into their own words the previous text and others plagiarize incomplete information, for me to actually think that I will be running the chance of considering their incomplete work will make me fail due to the fact that details that they did not find important and did not include would be the details that I need. If I do not verify thoroughly the date and continent I can be in the dean’s list. Another important factor is verifying the origin, if it’s a book I can easily find the information by looking where the text are classified such as a biography or a documentation, the type of book you need varies by the subject you are working with. Nevertheless the internet is a very different matter; a way that the origin can be determined is by the extension of the website. For example, if it’s educational it will be .edu; business can be .org, etc. By determining the extension I can make sure that I am working on a webpage that can support me with the right information.

On the other hand, I also need to assure that the source is relevant to the topic; I can do so by verifying the passage and determine who it is referred to. While reading I need to ask myself, how can I apply these facts to my work? What are the similarities? What are the differences? And how can I explain what I learned in my work? Before I answer all...
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