Single Gender Schools Are Better

Topics: Education, Gender, Single-sex education Pages: 6 (1882 words) Published: November 6, 2012
Student: Zhenyi Lin
Course: ENG 108
Professor: Gabriele Bechtel
Date: 12/7/2011
Single Gender Schools are Better
According to my personal experience, based on the fact I saw, I think, single-sex schools are inferior to traditional coeducation schools. Even though I used to think that traditional coeducation is better, and it is able to provide opportunities for girls and boys to communicate and exchange ideas. I argue that teaching students separately is detrimental, and even harmful to students' mind and the devolvement of physiology. However, while I was doing some research I was shocked by the results. Many people disagree about the benefit of same sec school, because these people do not realize the difference between males and females, and neglect the benefits about the single sex education. In fact, many results show that girls and boys are different from each other. Then I realized why I always found girls did better in writing and reading while boys did better in math and science. So many statistics I found proved that students in single gender schools could get better grades and better performance. Besides, single gender schools also can protect the children in many other ways. Therefore, changed my opinion into the idea that single sex education. It's better for them to be in single gender classes because they do have some differences. The benefits can be concluded in many ways, then there is no doubt that the students in single gender schools can get higher grades. If single gender schools are not as good as traditional co-education schools, then why there are still so many parents spend much more money to send their children to single gender schools? First of all, we should think about what are the benefits can be provided to those boys and girls. To find the benefits for students of single gender schools, we should start from the differences between boys and girls. According to the research I did, I got some new information that changed my opinion. According to “Gender Differences in the Sequence of Brain Development” by Leonard Sax: “The most profound difference between girls and boys is not in any brain structure parse, but rather in the sequence of development of the various brain regions. The different regions of the brain develop in a different sequence in girls compared with boys” This research focuses on the development of the children. From this research, we learned that child's brain development depends on the sex and the age. Beside boys and girls develop in different time. So the difference of the development of the brain between girls and boys is totally different.

Just like Douglas said: “Our findings which suggest that language processing is more sensory in boys and more abstract in girls could have major implications for teaching children and even provide support for advocates of single sex classrooms." So we can see the different gender class can provide different benefits to both boys and girls because of their differences.

Another reason that I want to show why it's better for boys and girls in single gender schools is that single gender schools have more benefits for each sex especially for girls because the girls need more protections than boys. The single sex school can give girls more protection. As NASSPE,which is called National Association Single Sex public Education, said: “At a single-sex school, though, even if they do have a boyfriend, her social network at school is likely to be separate from her boyfriend's group of friends, so it's easier to say no. She has more autonomy over her sexual decision-making. It's easier to contemplate life without the boyfriend.”

So according to this, we can learn that single gender schools can protect students in many ways. Such as rape harassment and abuse of the female students. Otherwise there is greater possibility that some females. Students will have unwanted pregnancy in traditional coeducation school than the single sex schools....
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