Does Gender Matter in Education?

Topics: Education, Female, Gender Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: December 3, 2010
Does Gender Matter in Education?
Does it matter if students are educated separately? Some think so, although research shows same sex classes may benefit some students. Researchers have recorded teaching does not allow teachers to reflect on actions of the class. Debate seems to say some students do better when taught in same sex classes. Boys starting college lack communication skills. Those who were taught in same sex classes do better in communication classes. Reading and writing skills are improved when boys are taught separately, classes are smaller. Boys fail to communicate as well as girls who are more verbal resulting in higher communication success. Although, boys benefit from same sex classes, the gain is not as great as girls. Females are no longer the minority in colleges across the country. National data reflect that female graduation rates are 57% to 43%. These numbers seem to stay consistent through the college experience. Girls benefited from verbal skills taught in early school grades whereas boys have fallen behind. Girls do better in single sex classes when they are behind or are low performers at age 11. They make the largest gains when attending same sex classes. Girls respond to acknowledgement and praise whereas boys speak up and are more active. Teachers call on boys more due to their behavior problems. Effective teachers need to realize where they are biased. Most single sex schools mix drama, music, social classes; they see the benefit in interaction yet highlight the gains made from same sex instruction. Bullying and fussing by students are less as shown by research done by same sex schools. Girls generally talk less when in same class as boys, as a result separating the sexes does promote more communication among females. Boys need emphasis on reading and writing skills in order to practice these skills. Girls need to see the value in science, math, technology, and engineering (STEM) classes. Acknowledge...
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