Gen Week 1

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Distance Learning Vocabulary and Course Forms
GEN 105
June 30, 2012
Kelly Lohman

Distance Learning Vocabulary and Course Forms
The University of Phoenix’s classes that I am taking are all online. I start by accessing the Internet and logging into my ecampus student home page. There I am able to access my classes and see all my needed tools listed under each class. One of the main items you have at the University of Phoenix is your participation grade. You earn that grade by completing discussion questions and participating in discussions in the electronic forum. The electronic forum consists of the Main forum, the Chat room and the Course Materials forum. In those forums you will find all of your discussions. The discussion topics are all threaded discussions so you are able to follow each topic easily. One of the things I like about the electronic forum, is that you receive feedback from not only your professors, but all so your peers. This feedback is helpful for me to learn about the others views as well as mistakes or corrections I need to make. With my busy schedule the part of the University of Phoenix that best suits me is that your course work falls under the Asynchronous communication model. This way I am able to complete my course work at anytime during the week no matter what part of the world I am in. It gives me the flexibility to be able to attend college unlike the traditional Synchronous communication style of schooling.

List of the Forums in a typical University of Phoenix online course

• Main
• Chat Room
• Course Materials
• Individual
I would place the following messages into these Forums: • A message intended for your instructor concerning feedback you received on an assignment- Individual • A message responding to a classmate’s bio- Chat Room • A message replying to a discussion question or a discussion thread- Main • A message about a...
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