Analyzing Internet Sources

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Assignment: Analyzing Internet Sources
Erin Maloney

Complete the following activities in Pearson’s MyStudentSuccessLab, located on the student website:

• Practice 1: Understand What's Important: Information Literacy Basics • Practice 2: Act on What's Important: Critically Analyzing Internet Sources

Answer these follow-up questions in 100 to 150 words each:

• What did you learn?
What did you not learn?

Through this lab I learned that some websites that I normally would pass because I didn’t think had the information I needed are actually ones I should look at first. FAQ pages should not be passed up, but instead looked at regularly. I generally thought that the information I needed for papers was easy to find. It isn’t till now that I am seeing that I have possibly been using wrong information in my research papers for the past 7 years, off and on, that I have been taking college classes. Part of me feels that I have been providing false information all this time, when really probably only a small percentage of my papers contained mislead information.

What I have not learned is a way to guarantee that the information I am providing is true. I now know some of the signs that it could not be, but is there a way to be absolutely certain? Or are the ways we just learned our only way of telling? If for some reason the information on one of the sites that are supposed to be trusted is actually false or misinformation we are held liable, correct? From this point out I am going to be slightly paranoid and thorough that I have true information and not something that has been changed.
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