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Topics: Education, Leadership, Information literacy Pages: 3 (824 words) Published: November 15, 2012
Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership Essay
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Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership Essay
In today’s society, information can be accessed with just a signal touch of a button.  To some individuals, this type of convenience is a blessing, whereas others who lack the proper understanding and discretion believe this convenience is considered a curse. The abundance of information on the Internet makes it easy for students to look up, pick, and choose information at his or her leisure without ever needing to question the validity of the documents or perform extensive research. Russell (2009) explained how a librarian who had various meeting with instructors from a universities who would express concerns that “students lack the understanding of what constitutes good quality scholarly information” (p. 92). In the career field of education it is important not to allow information literacy to influence scholarship, practice, and leadership in a negative manner, but to use this to educate students on more appropriate and responsible ways to research, analyze, and apply his or her findings. In school, students often encounter a problem with validating the information acquired for a research topic. With the increase in technology, finding information is easier and convenient; however students frequently perform broader searches that tend to not address the specific topic he or she is researching (Holliday & Fagerheim, 2006). Students tend to only focus on finding the information and not whether or not it is correct. Holliday and Fagerheim (2006) discovered that, “Students are fairly confident is his or her search capabilities, but in reality it tends to be superficial and focus on the assignments requirements, familiarity, and convenience instead of searching for the best information, which addresses all their needs” (p. 170). Educators must face this situation when it is first discovered explaining to the students the importance behind...
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