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Assessment activity 1
1.1  In conducting research on behalf of your organization or for a client organization, what factors could influence the choice of sources used? The intention of the research and also the types of products and services.  1.2  Why can data and information cross-checks and cross-references be necessary when doing research? It is important not to rely on a single piece of information if you can avoid it, so also look for corroborating evidence unless the source is absolutely unimpeachable. Use reliable sources or cross-check and find supporting data wherever possible. Knowing how data was obtained is central to knowing its value. If the information comes from a survey look to find the sample source and size.  

Assessment activity 2
2.1 Scenario: You have been asked to conduct research on behalf of the organization for which you work. Why is desk research the first research you should undertake? Their relative low cost, they can be an efficient use of time and they avoid duplicating research that has already been undertaken by others.  

2.2 What desk research sources could you use to collect and organize data?        Company reports
       Data from previous research
2.3 Why should your desk research include the collection and analysis of data relative to the organization’s current and past performance?  It will help aid in the development of useful and useable hypotheses, accurately targeting research, designing and developing research tools. There is no point gathering information on the migration patterns of flamingos if the company is in the business of making clothes for the larger male. That is an absurd example, but if there are even subtle diversions between the company mission and your data gathering, you will be off track and have wasted energy and resources.  

 Assessment Activity 3
Describe and explain the reporting formats that you have used or might follow when submitting desk research results. Normally each company has its own template but typically using chart and graphs besides tables and texts is a preferred way in most companies as it is clearer and more quickly understandable.  

Assessment activity 4
4.1 Give 3 examples of hypotheses that you have used (or could use) when conducting market research.            Salary packaging will increase loyalty and productivy at work Uncontrolled media undermines democratic government

Plain packaging will not reduce the sales of cigarette.

4.2 How do these hypotheses help to focus the research?
A hypothesis will help to focus your research. It will help to guide the development of a research project and aid you in determining the direction you need to take and the questions to which you need answers.  

Assessment activity 5
5.1 Why might a researcher choose to conduct qualitative research rather than quantitative research? Qualitative analysis provides information on how customers perceive a business, how they rate it in comparison to competitors and whether they plan to buy the organization products/services in the future. Also dealing with opinions, attitudes and behavior.  

5.2 Which method/s might be used to collect the data and why would you consider these to be the most appropriate? Processes used to collect customer information can include questionnaire surveys, face-to-face, written, and electronic or telephone survey methods; observational surveys; focus groups; product test results; retail audits. Data can also be collected, via desk research, from government organizations such as the Bureau of Statistics, the Census Bureau, from media companies, chambers of commerce, other research organizations or from university databases.

5.3 What groups would you target and why?
Customers, previous customers, stakeholders are often the target in a research, but it always depends on the information the company requests on its research.  
5.4 Explain what a measure of central tendency is and how it is used in analyzing...
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