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IT Infrastructure and Business Process Synergy at Meru Cabs Private Ltd.

- Kartikeya P Bolar Introduction :There has been a phenomenal change in the Indian transportation industry. Information Technology has played a vital role in bringing about this change. Radio Taxi or Radio Cab operations has brought to the customers a safe, cost effective and highly personalized experience. There is a tremendous improvement in the operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Meru Cabs : It is one of the first radio cab companies in India. The Radio cabs was first launched in Mumbai in April 2007. Since then it has grown in its geographical presence in the four cities in India – Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. The company derived its name from the symbolic mountain of the gods suggesting unshakeable reliability. Business Model : Within the punchline “Rely on us” of Meru Cabs underlies the core value of the company that is the promise of reliable service to its customers. In order to deliver reliable service, has a 24x7 customer service center. To make sure that customer has similar experience in any of their cabs, Meru buys brand new cars and maintain the safe comfort standards and facilities in each of them. There is a contract between the driver and the company. The company trains the driver on soft skills and provides him with the car with required facilities. The driver is motivated as he can retain the earnings beyond the fixed amount and fuel cost as his personal income. Business process: The business process at the heart of Meru has

been to manage the demand of the cabs across various areas in the

four metros and also the timely delivery of the promised service to the customer. Managing the demand of the cabs requires to develop realtime tracking of vehicles, Intelligent route planning and also understand the needs of the customers. Timely delivery of the promised service requires efficient communication , resource allocation and process...
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