Ah, the University, Brief Analysis

Topics: Fiction, Short story, Poker Pages: 1 (395 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Darwin Quinde
January 27, 2013

The author of “Ah, the University” uses literally elements such as foreshadowing and Irony. At the beginning of the story jack’s father talks about how wonderful university is and how many exiting things are waiting there for him but then he tells jack that he is not going because he doesn’t have enough money. Irony was applied in this example by jack’s father by telling him many things about the university and making him believe he will go and then telling him that he cannot afford that. There is an example of foreshadowing when the author says that Jack’s father got nervous and it seemed that he wasn’t sure at all when he did the last bet. There was a clue here that showed us that he was going to lose. His expressions showed us that he was afraid and that something bad was going to happen to them.

In the short story “Ah, the University” there is two important characters: Jack and his father. Jack is young guy who is influenced for his father to become a poker player. Jack’s father is the main character in this story because everything happens around him. He persuaded his son to enter to the poker games because he didn’t want to send him to the university for economic reasons. His son called him form Paris and asked him for help and he went there. At the end he almost lost everything he had and it tough him a lesson, which was that education is important. The author uses jacks name in specific to demonstrate that he will do something fool in the story. Names sometimes are used in stories to describe a character and it was the case in this story.

The theme of this story is Disappointment. Both, jack and his father are disappointed in this story, jack because his father told him that he can’t send him to college and his father because he lost is money because of his son. The main idea of the story is to help each other and let others do what makes them happy. Jack wanted to go to college and his father didn’t help...
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