Treasure Island


Cast of Characters


Jim Hawkins—Hero of the novel and the main narrator, Jim is a boy who saves the lives of his friends through fortune, quick thinking and brave action.  His ability to go unnoticed is pivotal in the arranging of a happy outcome.

Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins—Jim’s parents, they own the “Admiral Benbow” inn, where Billy Bones comes to stay.  When Mr. Hawkins dies, Mrs. Hawkins is determined to collect the sum owed him by Bones.  It is through her ransacking of Bones’ chest that Jim comes into possession of the treasure map.

Dr. Livesey—A magistrate as well as a physician, Livesey is the local doctor.  Of all men, Jim believes him to be the most trustworthy.  Thus it is to Livesey that Jim takes the highly sought-after map.  Livesey is a pivotal player in the rest of the tale.

Billy “the Captain” Bones—An incidental but pivotal character, Bones introduces Jim to the world of pirates. 

Squire John Trelawney—A tall, travel-worn companion of Livesey’s, he unwittingly recruits pirates to man the ship that takes him, Livesey and Jim to Treasure Island.

Pew—A blind, old pirate, Pew gives Bones the black spot and leads an assault on the “Admiral Benbow” in hopes of recovering the map.

Black Dog—The first pirate to visit Bones at the inn, Black Dog engages Billy in a sword fight and flees the worse for wear.

Mr. Dance—He conducts Jim and the map to Livesey’s house and is rewarded with a glass of beer for his dispatching of Pew.

Long John Silver—In one sense Jim’s foil, Silver is a calculating, charismatic, dynamic, charming and treacherous middle-aged, one-legged pirate—known by his friends as “Barbecue.”  He poses as the Hispaniola’s cook in order to lead a...

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