Treasure Island


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1. What is the name of the inn owned by Jim Hawkins’ family?

a) The Sea Inn

b) The Fish House

c) The Admiral Benbow

d) The Captain Hook House

2. What does “Captain” Billy Bones drink?

a) Whiskey

b) Rum

c) Vodka

d) Ale

3. What sort of man does Bones ask Jim to be on the lookout for?

a) A one-armed man

b) A one-legged man

c) A man with six fingers on one hand

d) A man with a scar on his cheek

4. Who is the first buccaneer to visit Billy Bones at the inn?

a) Black Dog

b) Pew

c) Flint

d) John Silver

5. Who gives Bones the “black spot”?

a) Black Dog

b) Pew

c) Flint

d) John Silver

6. What is the name of the ship that Squire Trelawney purchases for the voyage?

a) The Falcon

b) Jim’s Fortune

c) Lady Luxury

d) The Hispaniola

7. Which buccaneer does Jim see in Long John Silver’s tavern?

a) Black Dog

b) Flint

c) Pew, in a portrait hanging on the wall

d) Billy Bones, in a portrait hanging on the wall

8. How does Jim discover Silver’s plot to mutiny?

a) He reads Silver’s journal.

b) He overhears Silver talking in his sleep.

c) He overhears Silver talking beside the apple barrel to Dick and Israel Hands.

d) He is told so by Silver’s parrot.

9. Why is Ben Gunn on the island?

a) He was shipwrecked.

b) He was marooned.

c) He sailed there alone to find the treasure.

d) He was raised on the island.

10. What does Dr. Livesey keep in his snuff box?


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