Treasure Island


Chapter 7 to Chapter 12

PART II: The Sea Cook

Chapter 7

I Go to Bristol

Immediate plans do not go as intended. Trelawney takes longer than first thought at securing a boat and a crew, and the doctor has to go to London to find a physician to replace him while away. Jim is left under the charge of Redruth at the hall and whiles away his time with dreams of the sea.

Finally, a letter arrives at the hall from Trelawney. It is addressed to Livesey, or in his absence, Redruth or Hawkins. Jim reads it, since Redruth cannot. The letter informs them that a ship named Hispaniola has been outfitted and reveals that Trelawney has not kept his promise about being silent as the grave. Jim comments that Livesey will not be happy to hear that.

The letter also states that Trelawney has employed one Long John Silver as a cook on the ship and that Silver in fact helped Trelawney secure a good portion of the crew. Trelawney describes Silver as a one-legged man of substance and is obviously devoted to him. Trelawney concludes the missive by stating that his friend Blandly is to “send a consort” after them should they not return by the end of August.

Jim stays one night with his mother before departing. She has hired a boy to replace Jim in his absence, and Jim does not lose a single opportunity in correcting the lad’s approach to the work of inn-keeping.

The next day Redruth accompanies Jim to Bristol, where they meet Trelawney at an inn. Jim is informed that they are to sail tomorrow.

This chapter further illustrates the impulsive and even naïve nature of Trelawney. His loose tongue has surely aroused interest in his affair, and he would be foolish not to think that the same buccaneers who ransacked the “Admiral Benbow” have not pricked their ears for word of just such a voyage as Trelawney is preparing to make. His letter already reveals the measure to which he has been duped: He has taken Long John Silver into his confidence....

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