Treasure Island

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Writing about your favorite book
If you are a fan of adventure books, Treasure Island is what you are looking for. It is not because I'm a fan of the book, but is Treasure Island itself is one of greatest fictional adventures in the pirates' world. Robert Louis Stevenson, who is the author of this book, tells the story under the narration of the young Jim Hawkins. Jim and his mother own an inn, living a normal life. But when the destiny comes and knocks the door, his life changed forever. A treasure map from an old pirates who stays in his inn somehow comes to Jim's hand. Not long after that, Jim is forced into the adventure to the pirates' world to find the treasure island. There are many unforgettable characters, such as young Jim Hawkins, kind-hearted Captain Smollett, brave doctor Livesey, and the one-legged cook Long John Silver, who is firstly appeared to be a funny and friendly person and the next a dangerous pirate leader! My favorite part of the book is when Jim has to say goodbye to his mother, gets extremely critical of his replacement at the inn, and then goes on to forget all of those things when he gets to Bristol and experiences things he'd never dreamed of. I love this section of the story because it's one of the few periods in this novel that show the simplicity of innocence, and that's what Jim really was: an innocent. This is again show how talented the author is. He describe each of his characters distinctively and freely. Each character in this adventure has free will and do anything they want. There are no restraints such as good man always do good things in this book. The one-legged cook plays the two-face games easily and smoothly as if it is his nature. This man is opposite is the young Jim Hawkins. While Jim shows his bravery toward hardships and treachery during his adventure, Long John Silver always lean to the side which gives him the most benefits. That is why Jim has many friends around him while John has no one. It seems that Jim push away the obstacle and treachery while John pull it toward him. It is interesting that despite of all those settings, Long John is still a Jim's so-called friend, who help each other in the adventure. This book was a part of my childhood, but of course, in Vietnamese language translated. It was lucky that the book is interesting in any languages translated.

"Let us make a special effort to stop communicating with each other, so that we can have conversation"
As I know, this is a famous quote of writer Mark Twain. The meaning of this quote is that people spend too much time talking but they don't listen. Communication and conversation seem to have many similarities. However, in my opinions, a conversation is much more complex and interactive than simple communication. While communicate, you often focus on speaking. It means you are basically conveying your own ideas to others, but during a conversation, we don't only speak. We also listen to other people's ideas. In addition, I believe that our speaking are more likely responses to others' opinions or arguments. In a conversation, people often interact with rather than dominate others with their own ideas. They together build up and support the general topics. While most people think it is easy to make a conversation, they are actually wrong. Conversation is listening as much as talking. The ability to listen is as important as the ability to convey ideas. That is the meaning that the quote wants to convey.

Many people say that “Pumped up kicks” is a better song about abusive school kids than “Jeremy.” However, most of them do not know what makes those two songs so popular and why their lyrics, melodies and public receptions, not other songs’, are compared with each other. By comparing those two songs in those characteristics, we can reveal the uniqueness of each song and know more about what “Jeremy” and “Pumped up kicks” want to convey. Both of these songs are about kids who lack of care...
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