That Was Then, This Is Now


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1. Why does Mark live with Bryon and Bryon’s mother?

a. Because they are brothers

b. Because Mark doesn’t get along with his parents

c. Because Mark’s parents are dead

2. How old is Bryon at the beginning of the novel?

a. Sixteen

b. Thirteen

c. Twenty-one

3. How did M&M get his nickname?

a. He dresses in bright colors

b. His real name is Matthew Murdock

c. He is always eating M&M candies

4. Why does M&M run away from Mark and Bryon at the end of Chapter 1?

a. He is afraid that they’re going to beat him up

b. He is angry because Mark has suggested mugging a black man

c. He is upset because he has just been attacked

5. Where does Bryon first run into Cathy?

a. At M&M’s house

b. In the snack bar at the hospital

c. At Charlie’s Bar

6. What animal is Mark frequently compared to?

a. A lion

b. A dog

c. A wolf

7. Why did Angela break up with Bryon?

a. She wanted to date Mark

b. She wanted to date Ponyboy Curtis

c. She didn’t; Bryon broke up with her

8. Why does M&M go to the hospital and later suffer from memory loss?

a. He gets beaten up

b. He takes acid

c. He...

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