That Was Then, This Is Now


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Chapter 3 Summary

Bryon is looking hard for a job, but can’t find one because of his age and lack of work experience. He gets the bright idea to see if Charlie will hire him at the bar, but Charlie refuses. Although Charlie says that he trusts Bryon’s actions, he has trouble trusting his words. He advises Bryon to think about why he hasn’t found a job yet, and tells him that “you’ll come up with the reason” if “you just think about it.” Bryon tells himself that he will think about it later, because he trusts and admires Charlie. Bryon then asks Charlie if he can borrow his car, because he wants to take Cathy on a date, and is shocked when Charlie actually agrees. Bryon is ecstatic, but has trouble thanking Charlie. He says he’ll pick the car up on Saturday, and then goes to call Cathy.

Cathy agrees to go to a school dance with Bryon on Saturday night. At home later, Bryon asks Mark if he wants to double-date with them. Mark says that he already has plans to go to the dance with some guys, one of whom is Ponyboy Curtis. Bryon dislikes Curtis because his one serious girlfriend, Angela, had broken up with him to pursue Curtis. Mark points out that Bryon is simply jealous, and that there is nothing to dislike about Curtis, especially since he was “smart enough” not to be interested in Angela. Bryon admits to himself that Mark is right.

Saturday night, Bryon worries about what to wear on his date. Mark presents him with a perfect shirt he “found” in the street. Bryon knows that Mark probably stole it, but doesn’t let this bother him and reflects that he’s lucky to have such a good friend. At Cathy’s house, Bryon talks to her parents while she finishes getting ready. He finds that the Carlsons’ house is more comfortable than Angela Shepard’s, where her parents and brothers were always fighting and throwing things. In the car, Cathy tells Bryon that she’s worried about her father giving M&M a hard time for his long hair,...

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