That Was Then, This Is Now


Chapter 10 to Chapter 11

Chapter 10 Summary

The doctor tells Cathy, Bryon and Mr. Carlson that M&M will recover physically, but he may never fully recover mentally. Cathy is deeply upset, terrified that her brother has lost his mind forever. She wants to stay with M&M in the hospital, but her father insists that she let Bryon take her home. As they are leaving, Mr. Carlson thanks Bryon for his help and Bryon feels a surge of pride. He and Cathy drive to a park, where she breaks down crying. Bryon tries to comfort her by saying that the doctor doesn’t really know what will happen, that he’s exaggerating because he hates LSD use. Cathy isn’t so sure, and feels that her brother will never be the same. Bryon takes her home and then goes to his own house.

Bryon is sad for Cathy and feels like M&M is his own brother. Reaching under Mark’s mattress for a cigarette, he discovers a cylinder full of pills. All of a sudden, he realizes that Mark has been selling drugs for money. Thinking about the innocent thirteen-year-old M&M being given acid, Bryon is filled with anger and disgust at the idea of Mark pushing drugs. He feels that for Cathy’s sake, he has to do something. Very calmly, he calls the police and reports Mark. When Mark comes in soon afterward, Bryon shows him the cylinder of pills. Mark insists that he never takes drugs himself, and that he never gave any to M&M. He defends his actions by pointing out how much they needed the money. Bryon tells him that the police are on their way, and Mark is so stunned that all he can do is wait to be arrested. He asks Bryon why he is doing this to him, but Bryon doesn’t have an answer. After the police take Mark away, Bryon goes into the bathroom and throws up.

Chapter 11 Summary

The next morning, Bryon feels sick and confused. He doesn’t understand why he turned Mark in; he now knows that he could have given Mark a chance to quit selling drugs. Bryon knows that being in jail will kill Mark. Bryon’s mother expresses hope...

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