A Tale of Two Cities


Jarvis Lorry

Jarvis Lorry is not always considered a main character in the novel, but his role in the novel seems important enough to warrant a closer look.  When the reader is introduced to Lorry, he is a serious banker who seems to be somewhat devoid of emotion.  However, he immediately reveals that he does have an emotional side, and Lucie Manette elicits feelings of protectiveness and tenderness in him, just as she does from most of the other male characters in the novel.  One sees Lorry undergo a transformation in the novel, from a very staid businessman to a loyal and helpful friend to the Manette family.  His transformation, like Carton’s transformation, serves as a counterpoint to the transformation that Madame Defarge exhibits in the novel.  Moreover, even though Lorry does not seem to be comfortable when dealing with emotions, he allows himself to become a part of the Manette’s extended family, which necessarily involves a measure of emotional engagement. 

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