A Tale of Two Cities


Book 3, Chapter 2

Lucie and Dr. Manette rush into the Paris branch of Tellson’s Bank searching for Mr. Lorry.  They tell him that the Revolutionaries have taken Darnay prisoner.  However, their own safety seems at risk.  A mob gathers outside of Tellson’s.  After sending Lucie into another room, Mr. Lorry tells Dr. Manette that the mob is beginning to kill the people in the prison.  Dr. Manette hopes that his experience as a former prisoner at the Bastille will hold some sway with the Revolutionaries, and he departs to try to save his son-in-law’s life.  Dr. Manette is able to use his influence with the mob.  Not only do they not harm him, but they seem willing to listen to what he has to say about Darnay.

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