A Tale of Two Cities


Book 3, Chapter 11

As the spectators leave the courtroom, Lucie embraces her husband for the final time.  Dr. Manette approaches them, and though he is the one who is sentenced to death, Darnay tries to comfort Dr. Manette.  However, Dr. Manette cries out in despair and cannot be comforted.  The guards come to take Darnay from the room, and Lucie faints.  Carton picks up Lucie and takes the Manettes back to their apartment.  Once there, Carton encounters young Lucie, who asks him to help her parents.  He is compassionate with her, as one might expect from their strong relationship, but he does not make her any promises.  However, when he leans down to kiss an unconscious Lucie goodbye, he whispers, “A life you love,” reminding the reader of the promise he once made to Lucie.  At this point, the reader does not know how Carton intends to save Darnay, but is led to believe that he is going to do something.  Carton urges Dr. Manette to continue to try to intervene on Darnay’s behalf, and then departs.

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