A Tale of Two Cities


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1. How does Jarvis Lorry know Lucie Manette?

a.  He is her godfather

b.  He is secretly her father

c.  He is her uncle

d.  He works as a banker for her bank

2.   What are the two cities referred to in the title?

a.  New York and Paris

b.  London and New York

c.  London and Paris

d.  Paris and Boston

3.  How many criminal trials does Charles Darnay face in the novel?

a.  One

b.  Two

c.  Three

d.  Four

4.  What is Sydney Carton’s nickname?

a.  The Jackal

b.  The Lion

c.  The Eagle

d.   The Bear

5.  Lucie hears a recurring sound when she is in her home.  What does she hear?

a.  The cries of her father while he was in prison

b.  Footsteps

c.  Ghostly moans

d.  The jingle of keys

6.  What is the generic name by which the Revolutionaries refer to one another?

a.  Henri

b.  Napoleon

c.  Jacques

d.  John

7.  How does Monsieur Defarge know Dr. Manette?

a.  They were imprisoned together in the Bastille

b.  They are both Revolutionaries

c.  They are half-brothers

d.  Monsieur Defarge worked for Dr. Manette

8.  How does Sydney Carton die?

a.  He commits suicide

b.  He is executed for crimes he committed

c.  He assumes Charles Darnay’s identity and is executed as Darnay

d.  He and Charles Darnay duel over Lucie and Carton loses the duel

9.  Who is John Barsad?

a.  An attorney...

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