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BAPATLA ENGINEERING COLLEGE :: BAPATLA DEPARTMENT OF ECE GATE – 2010 MICROPROCESSORS AND INTERFACING Faculty: Sri A.M.V.N.Maruthi 1) The width of address bus and data bus in 8085 are respectively… a) 16,8 b)8,16 c) 8,8 d) 16,16 2) The number of status flags in 8085 are a) 5 b) 6 c)9 d)8 3) The status that cannot be operated by direct instructions is a) Cy b) Z c) P d) AC 4) The number of...

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Parity flag, 7. I Interrupt flag, 8. S Supervisor flag 9. What is the command or mnemonic for loading into register B? The A register is located in the SFR memory location 0xE0. The A register works in a similar fashion to the AX register of x86 processors. The A register is called the accumulator, and by default it receives the result of all arithmetic operations. The B register is used in a similar manner, except that it can receive the extended answers from the multiply and divide operations...

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Intel Case

more proprietary – Intel partnered with a new PC manufacturer, Compaq * RISC architecture was thought to have speed and cost advantages over Intel’s CISC architecture – Intel developed its own RISC chip, but at the end decided to continue with the x86 because all of the major players in the industry were supporting it, and customers may be reluctant to switch to 860 (RISC) because of incompatibility. * Clones – Intel decided to fight for its intellectual property rights, although historically...

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Intel Cases

hedge." What threats has Intel faced in sustaining its competitive advantage in microprocessors? The threat of new RISC technology threatened Intel's position, Intel spent additional funds to produce a strong RISC based chip to go along with its X86 chips. The combination signaled to competitors that it would not relinquish its position and bought it insurance against that event. Intel learned that most buyers would need a 100% difference in performance to overcome the switching costs and change...

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Cisc vs. Risc

and hasn't been able to kick CISC out of the market. If we forget about the embedded market and mainly look at the market for PC's, workstations and servers I guess a least 75% of the processors are based on the CISC architecture. Most of them the x86 standard (Intel, AMD, etc.), but even in the mainframe territory CISC is dominant via the IBM/390 chip. Looks like CISC is here to stay … Is RISC than really not better? The answer isn't quite that simple. RISC and CISC architectures are becoming...

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"CP/M BIOS". Among other classes of computers, the generic terms boot monitor, boot loader, and boot ROM have been commonly used. Some Sun and PowerPC-based computers use Open Firmware for this purpose. There are a few alternatives for "Legacy BIOS" in the x86 world:Extensible Firmware Interface, Open Firmware (used on the OLPC XO-1), and coreboot. 2. Function of BIOS. The BIOS (basic input output system) provides the processor with the information required to boot the system from a non volatile storage...

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Risc vs Cisc

extensive manipulation of low-level computational elements and events such as memory, binary arithmetic, and addressing. Examples of CISC • System/360(excluding the 'scientific' Model 44), • VAX, • PDP-11, • Motorola 68000 family • Intel x86 architecture based processors. Pro’s • Emphasis on hardware • Includes multi-clock complex instructions • Memory-to-memory: "LOAD" and "STORE” incorporated in instructions • Small code sizes, high cycles per second • Transistors used for...

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Central Processing Unit

and Intel 8088, the first x86 chips. * 1981. Stanford MIPS introduced, one of the first RISC designs. * 1982. Intel introduces the Intel 80286, which was the first Intel processor that could run all the software written for its predecessors, the 8086 and 8088. * 1984, Motorola introduces the Motorola 68020+68851, which enabled 32-bit instruction set and virtualization. * 1985. Intel introduces the Intel 80386, which adds a 32-bit instruction set to the x86 microarchitecture. *...

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Advertisement: Implementation Examples

machines are: 1. MASM assembler 2. SPARC assembler 3. AIX assembler MASM Assembler The programs of x86 system views memory as a collection of segments. Each segment belongs to a particular class corresponding to its contents. The commonly used classes are: 1. CODE 2. DATA 3. CONST 4. STACK During program execution segments are addressed via an x86 segment register. In most cases: Code Segments are addressed using register CS. Stack Segments are addressed...

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Integrating Windows 7 SP1 into a Windows 7 DVD

Windows 7 SP1 into your Windows 7 DVD Preparation Download the X86 or X64 version of RT Se7en Lite which you want to use, depending on your Windows 7 operating system. RT Se7en Lite X64 will for example only slipstream/integrate the X64 SP1 within Windows 7 X64 and the same applies to Windows 7 X86. You need to get RT Se7en Lite (Build 2.6.0) or higher as earlier versions do not have the slipstream function. Download Windows 7 SP1 for X86 or X64 as the case may be. On your Windows 7 hard drive, create...

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