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Which Grows Mold Faster Moist Or Dry Bread

I. Abstract This experiment was run to see how fast molds grow on bread in 3 different dry location, such as indoor room, fridge and freezer. The samples in a plastic container at room temperature showed mold in fewer days than the samples that kept in low temperature place as fridge and freezer. I think that this is because it was a better environment for the molds to grow. The breads that is kept cool will last longer on the plate than bread in normal room temperature. II. Introduction ...

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Environment's Effect on Growth of Bread Molds

Environment's effect on Growth of Bread Molds I. INTRODUCTION A. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Molds are species of fungi. There are many different kinds of molds, some of which are specially adapted to grow in particular environments or on particular surfaces. Unlike plants, molds cannot produce their own food, so they need an external source of energy and nutrients. Molds (and mildew) are fungi. Fungi are neither plant nor animal but, since 1969, have their own kingdom. The fungi kingdom...

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Bread Mold Research Paper

find out how mold happens. Mold happens when bread is left out in moist areas. Mold grows because it seeks moisture warmth and food. Mold forms because in dust there are tiny micro-organisms and fungi along with it. The type of fungi found in air is called a spore, and it does the same thing as the dandelion seeds when you blow them in the air. A spore will float around until it lands on something and if that something is food, that spore will germinate and grow into a fungus. Mold happens in places...

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Bread Mold Lab Report

Title: Bread Mold Lab Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to test the effect of water on bread mold growth. Hypothesis: I hypothesized bread mold would grow faster if the bread was exposed to water. Materials: 1. Bread 2. Plastic cup 3. Water 4. Rubber band 5. Plastic wrap 6. Light 7. Scale 8. Seizers Procedures: Day 1 1. Cut two pieces of bread 1 by 1 2. Place the beard in two separate cups 3. Put 11 drops of water on one of the pieces of bread ...

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Mold Experiment

Bread Mold Experiment Mold is something that we often take for granted, as something that makes us have to throw the bread away or the cheese smell bad. Mold is, in fact, a fascinating organism which has had many different uses over the years and our lives would not be the same without it. Most of us know that food seems to become moldy more quickly in the summer than in the winter when it is colder. Food in refrigerators seems to keep longer than food left out in the sun. Is this true? Does temperature...

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Bread Mold Experiment

Bread Mold Experiment By: Stephanie Westover PURPOSE The purpose of this experiment will be to determine how temperature affects the growth of mold on wheat bread.  The researchers choose this topic because she thinks it will be beneficial to find a way to keep food from molding.  Determining how long bread can be stored before molding can help save money, prevent illness and preserve freshness. The question the researcher will attempt to answer is how freezing...

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Bread Making

BREAD MAKING TIME LINE Depending on the type of yeast you are using the steps to making bread will vary. Using the basic bread dough recipe, this time line is based on using dry active yeast. I am also basing this time line on the straight dough method which is the direct method of making bread. STEP 1 To make your dough, your ingredients must be accurately measured and weighed as well as be the appropriate temperature. Wet ingredients are usually weighed rather than measured to guarantee...

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Biology Bread Mould Eei

most common fungi in the world is Bread Mold Fungus, also known as Rhizopus stolonifer (NCBI database). This mold is a common problem in most households throughout the world. The experiment being undertaken, changes the ingredients in bread to test the rate in which mold grows differently. These results will also be accommodated with climate control and the effects that could be associated with temperature and humidity. Mold will not only live and feed on bread, but will also reproduce (Abigail’s...

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research paper about molds

Molds are fungi that are found everywhere – both indoors and outdoors all year round. The terms fungi and mold are often used interchangeably, but mold is actually a type of fungi. Concern about indoor exposure to mold has increased along with public awareness that exposure to mold can cause a variety of adverse health effects. There are many thousands of species of mold and most if not all of the mold found indoors comes from outdoor sources. It seems likely to grow and become a problem only when...

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Let's talk for a while about bread. All over the world, in Europe and the Americas and in most of Asia, bread is the "staff of life", it's a key food in people's diets. Almost everyone eats bread- we eat it as toast for breakfast, as sandwiches for lunch, as hamburger buns for dinner- or people eat it as croissants or roti, naan or chappati, or under hundreds of other names in as many different languages. Even in southeast Asia, where rice is King, bread is becoming more and more popular these days...

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