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What Is Crucial To The Contemporary Unfolding History Of Our Nation And World

History is playing a crucial role in our lives as human beings; it makes us to understand who we are, where we are coming from and all that makes us to know where we are going to. In this work I am going to write the plan of an essay which looks at the values and the uses of History, in this plan I am going to look at the paragraphs where I will focus on writing the point I am going to cover and the explanation of each paragraph. Paragraph 1: The introduction of my essay. Paragraph 2: Point:...

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What Makes a Nation. a Nation?

What Makes A Nation, A Nation? No nation can exist forever. So what makes a nation, a nation? Milan Kundera’s essay, “A Nation Which Cannot Take Itself for Granted” examines this significant question. Published in June 1967, Kundera, a reformed Czechoslovakian communist writer, explores the sphere of culture and optimism of the Czech nation during the period of de-Stalinization in Eastern Europe. “The existence of the Czech nation has never been a matter to be taken for granted and...

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What Could Our World Be?

What Could Our World Be? What would life be like today if the federal government had absolute control? No freedoms for anyone whatsoever. The government controls when citizens may sleep, eat, do a job, and even control when citizens are allowed to speak. Would life really be worth living? We as readers are able to gain a small taste of what this would be like after reading the classic novel 1984, written by George Orwell. In the lonely, lifeless setting it is clear that the government has gained...

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What is Contemporary Art

the 21st century, ‘contemporary’ is a huge topic in the society. Contemporary art which becomes a new type of art is also one of the main subjects for the study of art history. The definition of contemporary art can be quite different according to diverse aspect. This essay is going to define contemporary art in a historical trajectory and discuss how it is revealed in Cola Project which created by He Xiangyu, a young Chinese contemporary artist. The Definition of Contemporary Art With the development...

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What are the main challenges facing the contemporary world economy?

What are the main challenges facing the contemporary world economy? The contemporary world economy is complex, but the main challenge we face today is uneven development. Development in today’s society represents the basic characteristics of capitalism as a mode of production and consumption. This essay will explore development discourse in terms of analysing how trade impedes the growth of an equal global economy, due to it being laden with uneven power relations and how it is subjected to political...

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What are the megatrends which will shape our world

Topic: What are the megatrends which will shape our world Megatrends Introduction With population growth and economic improvement, human beings are naturally increasing their demand towards happiness. The current trend to pursue happiness (demand to consume resources) generates the global demand in the world. Sustainability is crucial behind this trend. Our the only planet with limited resources may not be affordable to feed all people living on earth If our population continues to grow and...

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What Is "Your" Culture

Culture of the United States What is "Your" Culture The culture of the United States, beginning in the late nineteenth centuries and into today, has always been one of great progress and also great tragedy. We have evolved from a nation with few inhabitants, mainly Native Americans, to a nation that has a profound influence on the rest of the world. With the rest of the world going through a revolutionary phase, the United States grew into the leader of the pack that spearheaded progress...

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Canada's Defining Moments in History

several defining moments during its history. Canada’s involvement in NATO, NORAD, and the United Nations were the three biggest defining moments in Canadian history that cannot be forgotten. These were the most defining moments in Canadian history since Canada started to become known worldwide because of their contribution towards international relations. Prime Minister Mackenzie King once said “Canada should play an active role in international affairs after World War Two” (Connolly 14) and after...

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Our Nation

As our nation has paused recently to remember and honor the late President Ronald Reagan - it has given way to much reflection, contemplation and honor for the life of one man as a leader, family man as well as his personal strengths and values which have left a mark on many. There has been much discussion about his life and the legacy he has left. If you were to die today, what would your legacy be? What would you want it to be? Sobering thoughts, but, to have a life filled with meaning and purpose...

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History of a Moral Quest

Abigail G American History 221 Ron M 13 December 2012 History as a Moral Quest A large part of what we talked about in American history 221 was slavery and Americas ability to over come slavery. Looking back at what our nation has overcome is an amazing thing, however it seems that most of what our nation has struggled with has been brought on by our own selves and our choices as a nation. Learning history is a wonderful way to not make the same mistakes twice. It teaches todays Americans...

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