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  • Mass Flow Rate and Re-circulated Room Air

    saturation and a flow rate of 2 m3/s‚ and fresh air at -5 °C d.b.‚ 100% saturation with a flow rate of 0.5 m3/s. The mixed air is heated to 35 °C d.b. Identify each condition point and calculate the rate at which energy has to be supplied in kW. 5. Calculate the rate at which energy has to be supplied in kW when air is heated from 10 °C d.b.‚ 8 °C w.b. to 40 °C d.b. when the inlet air volume flow rate is 3 m3/s. Use the inlet specific volume to calculate the air mass flow rate. 6. A cooling

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  • results n calculation-Flow Over Weirs

    Level‚ H (m) Time for Collection‚ t (s) Volume Flow Rate‚ Qt (m3/s) H3/2 Rectangular Notch (m3/2) Rectangular Notch Discharge Coefficient‚ Cd 0.003 0.010 26.73 1.12×10-4 1.00 × 10-3 1.264 0.003 0.020 14.76 2.03×10-4 2.83 × 10-3 0.810 0.003 0.030 8.91 3.37×10-4 5.20 × 10-3 0.732 0.003 0.040 5.40 5.56×10-4 8.00 × 10-3 0.785 0.003 0.050 3.55 8.45×10-4 1.12 × 10-2 0.852 0.003 0.060 3.01 9.97×10-4 1.47 × 10-2 0.766 For first reading: 1. Volume Flow Rate‚ Qt 2. Rectangular Notch‚ H3/2 3. Discharge

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  • Petroleum and Mass Flow Rate

    School of Petroleum Engineering Design Project for Petroleum Engineers PTRL 3022 Group Report Mass & Energy Balances Group 3 Done by; Student No; Khalid Al-Abadi 3392461 Ahmed Al-Suleimani 3389102 Munther Al-Kalbani 3389087 Due date: 29/ 8/ 2012 Contents 1. Executive summary 2 2. Introduction 3 3. GOSP diagram 4 4. Gas Fractionation diagram 5 5. Three phase separation

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  • Experiment to Study the Upward Flow of Water Through a Bed of Coarse Ballotini

    Different flow rates for water and air is applied to determine the pressure drop and differentiate between the fixed bed and the fluidized bed characteristics. Also the measured onset of fluidization was compared with the predicted one. From this experiment it was obtained thatthe pressure drop increase as increasing the fluid (water or air) rates until it reach constant value. In addition‚ the bed height is constant as flow rate increased in fixed bed and it is increased as the flow rate increased

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  • Characteristics of Open-Channel Flow

    characteristics of open-channel flow. The types of flow to be determined are rectangular notch and triangular v-notch. Another objective of the experiment is to determine the discharge coefficients for both notches. The experiment for rectangular notch begins with admitting water to the channel. At this point‚ the water flow must be adjusted by using control valve in order to obtain heads (H). Throughout the experiment‚ five different heads are used to determine the flow rate of water. The heads reading

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  • Fluid Meter and Tray Hydraulic Experiment

    73019 Dr. Nollert‚ The experiment performed was Experiment IV: Fluid Flow Meters and Tray Hydraullics. The group was composed of Alex Long‚ Khanh Ho‚ Tricia Heitmann and myself. The first day of experimentation was April 16‚ 2013. On this day‚ Alex and I ran the sieve tray apparatus to study the vapor and liquid tray hydraulics parameters for sieve type crossflow distillation trays. Tricia and Khanh ran the fluid flow apparatus to determine the operating characteristics of the Venturi and orifice

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  • Impact of Jets

    Exp. (6): Flow Over Weirs Purpose: * To demonstrate the characteristics of flow over weirs. * To determine the ’Coefficient of Discharge’ for each type of weir. Introduction: In open channel hydraulics‚ weirs are commonly used to either regulate or to measure the volumetric flow rate. They are of particular use in large scale situations such as irrigation schemes‚ canals and rivers. For small scale applications‚ weirs are often referred to as notches and invariably are sharp edged

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  • Mr Sean

    been found we can continue with determining the hydraulic analysis. The hydraulic analysis is used to determine the flow rate at the bridges location‚ and in the scenario of the Gundagai region we will be using a 1 in 100 year event which is chosen per the Australian Standards. Throughout the Hydrology segment of CIVL444 there will be 2 different methods used to determine flow rate‚ these are the Flood Frequency Analysis (FFA) and the Watershed Bounded Network Model (WBNM). The first method relies

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  • Hydraulic Fluids Components and Symbols

     Speeds  Displacement volume (V) – volume of liquid per revolution  Volumetric flow rate: Q = n × V where n : number of rotation (rpm) V : displacement volume (per rev)  Pump Efficiency (Volumetric) To determine performance of pump  Divided into two:  Volumetric efficiency (ηvol) : Indicates amount of leakage that takes place in the pump. Effected by pressure.  ηvol = QA/QT = (actual flow rate)/(theoretical flow rate) Pump Efficiency (Mechanical)  Mechanical efficiency (ηm): Indicates

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  • impact of jet

    this experiment. The four deflectors are plate‚ hemisphere‚ slope and cone. The loading weights to be used are 0.8 N‚ 1.0 N‚ 1.5 N and 2.0 N. In this experiment‚ the time taken for the water level in the volumetric tank to raise from 10 to 20 L is determined by using a stop watch. The flow rate‚ calculated force and the error percentage will be calculated in this experiment. The theoretical and measured force will be compared in this experiment. 2.0 INTRODUCTION

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