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Urban Sprawl

Increasing urban sprawl and motorization have become leading causes of environmental and social problems in recent years throughout the world, particularly in cities of developing countries. Urban sprawl is the disorderly expansion of urban areas, especially resulting from real estate development on the out skirts of a city. Motorization, which is linked to urban sprawl, can be defined as the increasing use of motor vehicles. Although motor vehicles offer some benefits such as convenience, their...

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Urban Sprawl

Urban Sprawl Rapid expansion of our metropolitan areas has been coined the term “urban sprawl”. Urban sprawl is now looked at negatively because of its affect on society. Because of capitalism and the idea of having your home with the white picket fence, urban sprawl has taken over the United States of America. The affects of urban sprawl can be seen in our environment, our community, and in our health. Our community has changed the most due to urban sprawl. “One in two Americans now lives...

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Urban Sprawl

Effects of Urban Sprawl on Wildlife Imagine yourself driving down the street in the middle of your suburban neighborhood and all of a sudden a deer jumps out in front of your vehicle causing you to slam on the brakes. You sit in your car wondering why there was an animal in the middle of you neighborhood. You should ask yourself: Is urban sprawl effecting our wildlife? Urban sprawl is definitely effecting our wildlife, but many species are learning to adapt to living so close to humans. As...

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Urban Sprawl and Motorization

Urban sprawl and motorization are currently critical issues, because they cause environmental problems as well as ecological and social issues which pose a threat to human health and social stability. Urban sprawl is the enlargement of city’s development that spread far away from the centre to the outskirt of that city. Urban sprawl is the result of the increasing urbanization. Motorization happens when people mostly use cars for traveling in the city. The rise of the automobile industry supports...

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Supporting Urban Sprawl

Supporting Urban Sprawl Essay Many people are naturally attracted towards less developed areas for better opportunities.  However, populations in these places are on the rise, and more land must be developed upon to support all of these people, creating the issue of urban sprawl.  By putting a stop to urban sprawl, suburban communities will transform into cities.  Smart growth promotes this transformation, since it still promotes development in areas that are already developed, which is how cities...

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Global Climate Change

like mushrooms after World War II due to the returning veterans who needed housing. Due to zoning laws more schools and stores were built as well. 4. What federal laws and policies tend to support urban sprawl? 6. What is smart growth? What are four smart-growth strategies that address urban sprawl? Smart growth: communities and metropolitan areas choosing to develop in more environmentally sustainable ways 1. Setting boundaries: creating a boundary line for controlled growth 2. Saving open...

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Art Critique

Title: Glance Left and Right Artist: Pattara Chanruechachai Medium: Photograph Print on Newspaper Dimensions: 250 x 250 Date: 2013 Description: Chanruechachai creates a work that analyzes and criticizes the current urban condition where deterioration and regeneration of urban sprawl take place. He prints the images of deserted buildings found in the suburbs and pastes them onto newspapers that have articles on the economic crash from Thailand and Europe as his canvas. The taken photo shows a disproportional...

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Suncoast Parkway Extention

bring forth more urban sprawl to our area. The only problem with this is that there is not a big new development bringing new jobs and new people. This highway expansion would only provide more jobs for the people already living in this county, with an unemployment rate of 8.4% as of January 2013. Having this direct route to Tampa and other bigger cities would allow people to travel further in a shorter amount of time for a job. There are not enough people here to create urban sprawl and the highway...

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Sprawl on Demand Lesson Questions 1. Sprawl- Kunstler Cast: List and describe three (3) of the "walking tours" of Detroit's BAD design features • Detroit Rail station building is desolate with broken and smashed windows. The building has trees and plants growing up the outside walls of the building and around the building. There are no buildings placed around the rail station building for it to contrast with, and is standing alone. There is an office building placed on the top of the building...

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High Density Compared to Suburb Sprawling

Mitrany, M 2005, ‘High density neighbourhoods: who enjoys them’, GeoJournal, vol. 64, no. 2, pp. 131-40. Frank, TA 2011, ‘Density versus sprawl’, National Journal, 11 March, viewed 15 August 2012. In modern society, people concern more about living environment. It is raised an issue that which place is suitable for living, high-rises centre or suburb sprawl. Two very different articles provide contrasting perspectives on this issue. The article by Michal Mitrany, an advisor on architecture...

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