Urban Sprawl and Motorization

Topics: Urban sprawl, Urban area, Suburb Pages: 4 (1106 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Urban sprawl and motorization are currently critical issues, because they cause environmental problems as well as ecological and social issues which pose a threat to human health and social stability. Urban sprawl is the enlargement of city’s development that spread far away from the centre to the outskirt of that city. Urban sprawl is the result of the increasing urbanization. Motorization happens when people mostly use cars for traveling in the city. The rise of the automobile industry supports the spread of urban sprawl even more. Although urban sprawl is the main aspect that can develop capitalism, it still has some negative impacts. Urbanization results in considerable environmental and socio-ecological problems. There are many solutions relying on the development of technology to resolve problems resulted from urban sprawl. But, these solutions of technology still have some controversial aspects. This essay will explain that how urban sprawl negatively affects environment and the ecology, and argue that social and environmental solution can directly solve environmental and socio-ecological problems.

Motorized urban sprawl can cause environmental problems due to the mass production of automobiles. Suburban houses are situated on relatively large lots, with only other houses nearby because. Residents must drive nearly everywhere they go. According to Frumkin (2001), low density development leads to increased reliance on automobiles. The mass use of vehicles leads to various pollutants being released into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a major source of greenhouse gases. The accumulations of these pollutants lead to air pollution that can cause hardship for people with asthma and other respiratory diseases. Frumkin(2001) notes that people spend less time walking and bicycling because more people use car as a method of transport to travel longer distances. Thus, motorization can help urban sprawl further. There are some business groups such as...

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