Humans Impact on their Surroundings

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Humans Impact on their Surroundings
January 25, 2014
Maria West

Humans Impact on their Surroundings
Human beings have inhabited the Earth for six or seven million years ("Natural History Museum", n.d.), but that is merely a fraction of the existence of this planet. Human beings have a penitence for gathering into groups and forming cities where industrial developments take place. The Industrial Revolution in America brought jobs and new products as well as technology. This is happening in other developing countries such as China and India today. Since our country has developed further into the digital age, our scientists have been able to observe the devastating effects that unregulated industry can have on the environment, and in turn, have on the people who dwell there. Now, there are many efforts in advancing our understanding and cohabitation with the natural world, and trying to reverse the damage that has been done. Urbanization can bring about great innovations and advancements in technology, but it can also wreak havoc on the environment. Throughout history, this can be evidenced in multiple events. Populations put a strain on resources, forcing humans to build complex infrastructures and produce and move vast amounts of supplies. This created things such as the rail system in the United States which changed the face of the country, and eventually gave way to the vast networks of roads and highways. Cars and trucks create pollution and demand for more space, crude oil, and raw materials. Today, there are efforts to find alternate fuels such as biofuel or electric power for these vehicles (Chicago Transit Authority, 2014.) The lack of regulation in the early days of industrialization created polluted in the air and water. These damages occurred as forests, and natural habitats that are cleared away for such expansion. This was because large amounts of natural resources need to use to support large...
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