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Trade Union and Industrial Relations

meaning. Outline a Grievance Procedure (of either 4 or 5 or 6 steps) for a unionized company, explaining the activity at each step. (i) Discuss the importance of trust-building in labour- management relations. (ii) Explain what management and trade unions can do to build the level of trust in the workplace. EITHER (A) Explain in some detail how industrial relations legislation has influenced the conduct of industrial relations in Trinidad and Tobago. OR (B) Discuss the impact of the State...

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Trade Union

year 11s WHAT IS A TRADE UNION? Trade unions are organizations that represent people at work. They consist of workers and union leaders, united to promote and protect their interests. Trade unions exist because an individual worker has very little power to influence decisions that are made about his or her job. By joining together with other workers, there is more chance of having a voice and influence. THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF TRADE UNIONS. * CRAFT UNION: A union representing workers...

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Trade Unions Are No Longer Relevant Today

Trade unions are no longer relevant in the modern world of work A trade union can be defined as any organisation of workers, whose principle process includes the negotiation of relations between its members and their employers (Farnham, 2000). Since 1980 trade union density has declined in many countries (Waddington, 2005). This can be pin pointed to various external threats such as rising unemployment, employers resisting unionisation to a greater extent than in the past, and a shift in industry...

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One of the Issues of the Trade Union

rate One of the current issues that the Trade Unions concerned about is the suggestion of setting a minimum wage rate by the Prime Minister. Setting a minimum wage rate is about setting a basic salary for all employees. This can ensures that all employees can be protected from getting a low paid. The minimum wage is said to be set at around RM800 to RM1000. How would trade union react to the above matter? How to enhance the role of trade union in protecting the welfare of the employees? All...

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Problems Facing Trade Unions in Kenya

(employees’ representatives and employer’s representatives). Collective bargaining consists of negotiations between an employer and a group of employees that determine the conditions of employment. Often employees are represented in the bargaining by a union or other labor organization. The result of collective bargaining procedure is called the collective bargaining agreement (CBA). Collective agreements may be in the form of procedural agreements or substantive agreements. Procedural agreements deal...

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Trade union decline in UK

Trade union is a form of organization where employees and leaders with common interests join in order to promote and protect those interests. These collective organisations have the role to negotiate with the employers the wages and the working conditions, they also help ease the relationships between employers and employees by diminishing the conflict between them and act collectively when it comes to implement the terms of collective bargaining. As Webbs shows, the trade unions are ‘a continuous...

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Trade Union In India

legislations are to be blamed. While going through our extensive labour legislations, one may observe that the current legislations 1. Protect employment and do not encourage employability. 2. They sometimes give scope to illicit demands of the unions. 3. And thirdly, these inflexible legislations could be the reason why businesses are shifting from organized to unorganized sectors where regulations are less . The current labour legislation allows the government to intervene with industries too...

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Trade Union and Grievance Handling

individual, or be involved in every aspect of working of the small organization. The steps in grievance procedure are: ❖ Conference among the aggrieved employee, the supervisor, and the union steward. ❖ Conference between middle management and middle union leadership. ❖ Conference between top management and top union leadership. ❖ Arbitration. There may be variations in the procedures followed for resolving employee grievances. Variations may result from such factors as organizational or decision-making...

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Trade Unions in Automobile Sector in India

Trade Unions: Their issues and concerns in the Indian Automobile Sector Company LOGO INTRODUCTION Indian Automotive Sector Employment to Projected Growing at Contributing to 33.9% per year 5% of GDP annual car sales of more than 9 million by 2020 Turnover of more than USD 35 billion 13 million employees consisting of both local and migrant workers Majority workers from poverty affected zones and only earning member of the family Hyundai...

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Short Paper Assignment The roots of our country's trade unions extend deep into the early history of America. Primitive unions, or guilds, of carpenters, cabinet makers and cobblers made their appearance, often temporary, in various cities along the Atlantic seaboard of colonial America. Workers played a significant role in the struggle for independence; carpenters disguised as Mohawk Indians were the "host" group at the Boston Tea Party in 1773. The Continental Congress met in Carpenters Hall in...

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