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  • A Decsription of Torque

    Torques Introduction During this lab you will become more familiar with the concepts of torque. The purpose of this lab is to determine if the rotational equilibrium condition‚ Στ = 0‚ holds experimentally. Equipment Meter stick (1) - no metal ends Fulcrum (1) Clamps (4) Weight Hanger (1) Mass Set (1) Digital Scale (1) Theory For a body to be in static equilibrium‚ two conditions have to be met: ΣF = 0 and Στ = 0 where F is force and τ is torque. (The torque is the force times the lever arm

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  • Torque and Car

    cells. It is a sealed battery with a safety pressure relief valve. You can check with an electric car retailer for the parts you will need. 4. Remove the old motor and battery parts from the car. * You will need to use an engine crane and a torque wrench to help you remove the old parts from the car. Take out the engine and anything else that is gas related: tank‚ exhaust and clutch. 5. Install the electric motor and battery where the old ones were. * Place the electric

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  • Experiment 104 - Torque

    Analysis Torque is the ability of force to change the rotational motion of a particle. It is also called the moment of force. It is always specified with regard to the axis of rotation. On the experiment the axis of rotation serves as the model balance. This means that as much as torque is directly proportional with the force applied on a particle‚ it is also dependent on the perpendicular distance of the applied force to the axis of rotation. On the first activity we need to determine

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  • Torque and Meter Stick

    Experiment #4 Torque ABSTRACT The objective of the experiment is to observe how the weight of the beam on which the forces act behaves like a force concentrated at the center of gravity of the beam and to determine the conditions of equilibrium for several parallel forces. Before the experiment proper‚ Torque was discussed extensively. The experiment is divided into two parts. In the first experiment‚ the meter stick was weighed and the group was tasked to find the center of gravity of

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  • Torque and Screw Jack

    two pulleys 120 cm and 40 cm diameter on parallel shafts 4 m apart. The maximum tension in the belt is 1855 N. The coefficient of friction is 0.3. The driver pulley of diameter 120 cm runs at 200 rpm. Calculate: (i) The power transmitted. (ii) Torque on each of the two shafts. 4 A steel ball of diameter 150 mm rests centrally over a concrete cube of size 150 mm. Determine the center of gravity of the system‚ taking weight of concrete = 25‚000 N/m2 and that of steel 80‚000 N/m 2. Contd

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  • Torques Equilibrium, and Center of Gravity

    Torques equilibrium‚ and center of gravity Introduction Torque is a quantitative measure of the tendency of a force to cause or change the rotational motion of a rigid body. A torque is the result of force acting at a distance from an axis of rotation. An essential thing to keep in mind is that the magnitude of the torque is equal to the product of the forces perpendicular distance and magnitude. Theory The magnitude of the torque (t) is found from the product of the force F and

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  • Static Equilibrium: Forces and Torques

    RYERSON UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS LAB REPORT FOR PCS 211 SECTION ** EXPERIMENT: STATIC EQUILIBRIUM - FORCES AND TORQUES EXPERIMENTERS: ***** ********* ***** ********* AUTHORS OF THIS REPORT *** *** EXPERIMENT PERFORMED ON: *** REPORT SUBMITTED ON: *** INSTRUCTOR: *** PRE-LAB QUESTIONS: 1) What is meant by static equilibrium? The meaning of static equilibrium can be explored by first examining the definition of equilibrium. Equilibrium

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  • E204: Torque: Second Condition of Equilibrium

    E204: TORQUE: SECOND CONDITION OF EQUILIBRIUM IBAÑEZ‚ Jonen Lery L. OBJECTIVE A torque is an influence‚ which tends to change the rotational motion of an object. One way to quantify a torque is force applied times the lever arm. In this experiment we consider the systems in equilibrium and its applications and how the forces acting on the system affect torque. To serve as a guide there are objectives set in performing this experiment. First objective is by the second condition applied to the

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  • Torque and Equilibrium Lab Physics

    Torque and Equilibrium Purpose: Apply principle of static equilibrium to determine a coefficient of friction. Research Question: What is the coefficient of friction between a meter stick and wall? Hypothesis: Tying a piece of string on to the end of a meter stick‚ put the other end of the meter stick against the wall so that the meter stick is horizontal and does not slide down the wall. Hang a weight on the meter stick sliding it to a point where the meter stick is about to come off from

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  • Activity 113 Gears VEXIntroductionYou Do Not

    control torque and rotational direction. Equipment VEX POE kit gears and support pieces Calculator Procedure In this activity you will learn about gear ratios and how they affect speed and torque within a system. You will also construct simple and compound gear systems. Functions of Gears Gears change the speed of rotation. Gears change the direction of rotation. Gears change torque values. Gear Ratios By joining together two or more gears of different sizes‚ both the speed and the torque are changed

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