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  • Testosterone Deficiency

    TESTOSTERONE DEFICIENCY IN MALES Testosterone is a hormone which is produced in the testes and is responsible for male characteristics‚ such as facial hair‚ deepening of voice‚ and muscle mass. As men age and hit age 30‚ their testosterone levels drop causing metabolic changes. Because of low testosterone levels‚ men will gain weight‚ lose muscle mass‚ and lose sexual drive. If you suspect that your testosterone level is low‚ there are some things that you should consider. First‚ and most

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  • Testosterone Research Paper

    Testosterone is the most important representative of the male sex hormones collectively called androgens. Using cholesterol as a base‚ the male gonads (testes) produce between 4 and 10 mg of testosterone per day. Testosterone itself is responsible for three major functions in animals. 1) The development of secondary male sex characteristics also called the androgenic functions of testosterone. Some examples of these characteristics are increased growth of body hair‚ beard growth‚ deep voice‚

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  • Research: Testosterone and Steroids

    the effects both negative and positive on the body and mind. I don’t have a certain age I am targeting just general use by all people. I personally feel steroids if used properly can benefit many people. Especially males over twenty five whose testosterone levels drop significantly as they get older. Steroids can be used to help maintain these levels as well as aid in keep in good shape which can be beneficial for certain jobs you may work as you get older. Most of the negativity surrounding steroid

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  • Powerless Vs Testosterone

    Powerless and Powerful individuals differ on the amount of cortisol and testosterone in the neuroendocrine system. Testosterone levels reflect dominance and status. This is achieved via internal and external cues. This increase in testosterone gives rise to aggressive behaviour‚ which further increases testosterone level (Archer‚ 2006; Mazur & Booth‚ 1998). Lower basal cortisol levels are seen in powerful people‚ then powerless people. Powerless people have higher reactivity to stressors‚ than powerful

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  • Guns, Testosterone, and Aggression

    Guns and Testosterone Hypothesis: Can aggression be increased by the presence of weapons in the environment and by the hormone testosterone. Research Method Used: Experimental design and correlational study Test Subjects/ Participants: The test subjects were thirty male college students ranging from the ages 18 and 22 Variables that are being examined: The variables that are being examined are aggression‚ and testosterone levels How they are operationally defined and measure: The subject’s aggression

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  • Testosterone and Steroids Era

    these arguments by showing that the reason for banning steroids is not always as clear as it seems. Here is some brief background on Anabolic steroids before we start in on A-Rod . Anabolic steroids are drugs derived from the male hormone testosterone. Steroids are used by some athletes to enhance muscle mass‚ steroids also help to repair tissue and reduce the athletes workouts and competitions. One example of an athlete using a steroid to promote healing was baseball’s Matt Lawton‚ who after

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  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy Essay

    Testosterone replacement therapy is a very enticing option for men suffering from the effects of below average levels. Bringing testosterone levels back to the high end of the normal range can: •Increase muscle mass •Sharpen memory and concentration •Increase libido •Improve energy levels What is Testosterone? Testosterone is known as a male hormone‚ though it is present in both genders. It is produced mainly in the male testicles and female ovaries. Its function in men includes: • Production

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  • Sapolsky Testosterone Rules Analysis

    Robert M.Sapolsky. Testosterone Rules. pages 9-14. In Testosterone Rules‚ Sapolsky has pushed the analysis of both genders and put in question‚ why do these genders act the way they do? Specifically‚ Sapolsky analyzed crime rates and concluded that amongst the human population‚ males commit more than 50 percent of the violence. Sapolsky reviewed factors as to why males may be more aggressive than females‚ with emphasis that testosterone (hypothalamus signals for this hormone to be secreted into the

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  • Testosterone: The Primary Male Reproductive Tissues

    Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. In men‚ testosterone is essential in the development of male reproductive tissues such as the testis and prostate‚ as well as promoting secondary sexual characteristics including increased muscle‚ bone mass and the growth of body hair. Low levels of testosterone can produce several different signs and symptoms. For instance‚ testosterone is most commonly associated with an individual’s sex drive. Individuals with low testosterone‚ however‚ will typically

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  • How Does Testosterone Equal Aggression

    high level of testosterone and being more aggressive. It’s generally accepted that higher level of testosterone causes aggression. However‚ in the article “Testosterone Rules” by Robert Sapolsky ‚ the author argues that testosterone does not equal aggression. Genetics cannot determine when who will do what. There have been many studies in animals‚ when testosterone is removed from an animal’s body‚ and loses its aggressive behavior. When the animal is injected with testosterone the aggressive

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