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  • Substance Abuse and the Effects of Substance Abuse

    Substance Abuse And The Effects Of Substance Abuse Substance abuse is seen as maladaptive and not considered dependant but can lead to dependency with certain drugs. There is a huge range of drugs such as alcohol‚ cocaine‚ amphetamines‚ benzodiazepines and opiates. Some of these drugs are illegal in some countries and regions and can lead to criminal prosecution if caught in possession or under the influence of them. Public health practitioners have undertaken many studies into drug abuse from

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  • Substance Abuse and the Elderly

    Substance Abuse and the Elderly Substance abuse in the elderly exists just as in any other population. Many seniors develop substance abuse problems due to circumstances or situations due to the aging process. A report by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment/Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration indicates that 17% of adults age 60 and older are affected by alcohol abuse and abuse of legal drugs. The report also states that a third of those seniors who abuse substances did

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  • Substance Abuse: A Case Study

    Substance abuse considered as a strong risk factor for non-adherence among patients with mental illness‚ the MHN would have to make a treatment plan addressing his cannabis use and that will help him long term. It is significant to assess the patient for substance use to know how much and how long they have been using and to encourage them to seek treatment (Macaluso & Mcknight‚ 2013). Different screening‚ diagnosis‚ and treatment for substance abuse are important. A combination of Psychopharmacological

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  • Nurses Role in Substance Abuse

    Nurses Role in Substance Abuse Introduction: Nurses Role in Substance Abuse The purpose of this Power Point is to bring awareness‚ education‚ and recognition to this growing disease called SUBSTANCE ABUSE: the associated risk factors that accompany substance use and addiction that challenges the nursing role of today. Substance abuse remains a major health concern affecting not only the patient but also families and their communities. As nurses we play a vital role in assessing‚ evaluating

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  • The Affects of Substance Abuse on Family

    The effects of drug abuse on a person’s family. Nancy Kiger SPC1010 - Presentation Skills - OL08 Theresa White 2/18/2011 The effects of drug abuse on a person’s family. As a recovering addict I know firsthand how my addiction affected my family. Addiction to alcohol or drugs is a disease; it affects everyone in the family‚ not just the substance abuser. Effects may vary depending on family structure‚ manifesting differently in individual family members; According to the

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  • Substance Abuse - Social Pandemic

    continues‚ substance abuse across America has become a very serious social problem. It is mental illness that has an effect on different races‚ classes and genders. The affects of substance abuse has caused countless of people to feel heartache and develop feelings of hopelessness. With alcohol and drugs readily available through prescription or on the streets (Butler‚2010)‚ it is obvious why many are acquiring addictive patterns to these accessible substances‚ and that the continual abuse of these

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  • Substance Abuse Position Paper

    Paper Description Substance abuse is the overindulgence in chemicals and/or drugs that affect the individual’s physical and mental wellbeing. Substance abuse does not only affect the individual consuming the substance but the family‚ friends and loved ones as well. Substance abuse is a disorder that is characterized by a pattern of continued use of medications or chemical substances that results in the person repeatedly missing everyday social obligations such as work‚ school‚ family and friends

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  • Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency

    website‚ "Substance abuse is used to describe a pattern of substance (drug) use leading to significant problems or distress such as failure to attend work/school‚ substance use in dangerous situations (driving a car)‚ substance-related legal problems‚ or continued substance use that interferes with friendships and or family relationships. Substance abuse‚ as a disorder‚ refers to the abuse of illegal substances or the abusive use of legal substances. Alcohol is the most common legal drug of abuse." "Chemical

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  • What is Substance Abuse Counseling

    Understand Substance Abuse Counseling to Be: What is Substance Abuse Counseling? When Do I Counsel Someone? Why Would I Counsel? Due: June 20‚ 2014 WHAT: I am just starting to learn about the dynamics of substance abuse counseling. At this point‚ early on in my learning‚ I understand it to be a practice of advocacy to assist those persons with various levels of addiction in relation to drugs‚ alcohol and chemical dependency to a road of recovery. Substance abuse counseling

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  • Substance Abuse In The Mississippi Delta

    Substance abuse and being homeless are indistinguishably intertwined. One triggering factor of substance abuse is the consequence of being homeless. Most adolescents who are homeless usually have other disorders such as; serious mental illnesses‚ chronic physical health problems‚ and some even have a history of trauma. They need safe housing‚ appropriate interventions‚ and client-centered care. It is estimated that half of all people who are homeless have diagnosable substance use disorders

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