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  • The Planting of English America, 1500-1733

    grip of imperial Spain 3. In 1600‚ North America remained mostly unexplored and unclaimed a. Three European powers planted three primitive outposts in three distant corners of the continent within three years of one another b. The Spanish at Santa Fe in 1610‚ the French at Quebec in 1608‚ and the English at Jamestown‚ Virginia‚ in 1607 4. England had taken little interest in establishing its own overseas colonies during the early 16th century because of religious conflict when

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Queen Elizabeth's Speech to the Troops

    The Loyalty of a Queen In 1588‚ Spain was on the move to conquer England and overthrow Queen Elizabeth I. Rather than hideaway‚ Queen Elizabeth set off to Tilbury in Essex to prepare her troops for the oncoming invasion of the Spanish Armada. Elizabeth’s speech is a compelling call of loyalty to her country‚ her people‚ and to her God. Elizabeth’s motives for this speech were clear‚ she intended for her army to be valiant‚ but to also prove that she‚ a woman‚ could be a powerful leader in a world

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  • Rulers That Followed the Prince by Machiavelli

    Niccolò Machiavelli suggested in The Prince that a ruler should behave as both a fox and a lion‚ being both loved and feared. There are clever rulers who were strategic‚ courageous rulers who were effective‚ and successful rulers who possessed both qualities. Elizabeth I of England and Henery IV of France were two great rulers from Europe that were able to personify Machiavelli ’s advice. Elizabeth I of England was able to act as a "fox" by preventing England from being torn apart over matters

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  • Early American settlements outline

    Challenges to the Spanish empire a. The success of Spain encourages Portugal‚ France‚ England‚ and the Netherlands to claim parts of the New World a.i. First French effort to colonize- c. 1538- Jacques Cartier a.ii. Dutch and English grow in power and start colonizing. Netherlands become largely protestant and rebel against Spanish rule- 1567- do not receive independence until 1648 a.iii. Francis Drake‚ English “sea dog” (pirate/smuggler)‚ Ventured around South America and raided Spanish ships and colonies

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  • English Motives for Colonization in North America

    Why would anyone want to go through the trouble of colonizing? The English had such motives that compelled them to leave their motherland. It was for the reasons of seeking freedom‚ seeing there was nothing in Britain for them‚ and success accessed by other nations. England set up strict rules and laws. Those who sought a bit of adventure naturally took off. Others were motivated to find religious freedom. Lord Baltimore set up Maryland for the sake of his fellow Catholics. Since England was primarily

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  • Queen Elizabeth

    Rhetorical Analysis: Pre-writing Learning how to identify and analyze rhetorical tools is an important part of the collegiate experience. This handout emphasizes several tools which can aid in the analysis of rhetoric in an effective‚ well-organized paper. Questions to Ask Speakers use rhetorical tools in order to appeal to logic (logos)‚ emotion (pathos)‚ or authority (ethos). Asking yourself specific questions regarding the effect of rhetorical tools you encounter is a good place to

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  • Elizabeth I: the greatest queen of all

    ALEJANDRO POSE 4TH YEAR Choose one English king / queen and discuss their importance in the history of England. (About 2000 words) In about a thousand years of monarchy‚ England had many remarkable kings and queens and yet most probably none of them deserved the attention from historians and novelists like Queen Elizabeth I‚ also known as ‘Gloriana’‚ ‘Good Queen Bess’ and ‘The Virgin Queen’. She was the daughter of Henry VIII and his second wife Anne Boleyn and is one of the most famous queens

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  • War from the 16th and 17th Century to Invention of Gunpowder

    WAR FROM THE 16TH AND 17TH CENTURY TO INVENTION OF GUNPOWDER The invention of the powerful artillery guns would change man ’s role in warring engagements. The artillery guns at first were very limited by their own design. The guns were very heavy and had to be transported by water‚ which meant that only towns and fortresses that were close to a body of water could be attacked with artillery also known as the cannon. There were also some fortresses that were impervious to the early cannon attacks

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  • Sir John Hawkins

    West Africa. He provoked the conflict with the Spaniards. Unauthorized foreigners weren’t allowed to trade the Spanish colonies. Hawkins departed on his first journey in 1562 and ended up becoming so profitable that Queen Elizabeth I paid for his second expedition in 1564. The third expedition in 1567 with Drake end in a disaster. Later on when selling slaves in the Caribbean‚ a Spanish fleet attacked Hawkins and Drake in the harbor. Out of the six ships only the two that were commanded by Drake

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  • Civilization as a study tool

    geographical location was useful for defense. Consider the English Channel‚ which has protected the United Kingdom from invasion for hundreds of years. The last successful invasion was the Norman Conquest in 1066‚ not even the military prowess of the Spanish Armada (1589) or Nazi Germany

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